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  1. riku911

    Nomura interview!

    Mind = Blown. I can picture the Final boss now, imagine this: Final battle starts off with Sora fighting Xemnas, then out of nowhere Xemnas transforms to ASoD and you transform to Riku (It is stated by Noruma that you'll be forced to switch between characters) Daaaaaamn the cut scenes/Reality...
  2. riku911

    Incomplete Theory Question

    Lived in between L&D, can foretell future and past, former KBM, he's a old koot, probably been there since beginning of time, seeing as how Fantasia was freaking 1950s (Maybe earlier idk)
  3. riku911

    is Sora superior to Mickey as a keyblade warrior

    Hellll no. By rankings it should be: Mickey > Riku > Sora; I'm sure most people will agree just due to the basic fact that Riku has overcome the power of darkness and can use both light and dark as weapons, while Sora can only use his twilight sparkle attacks. i.E - Sora never traveled...
  4. riku911

    Where was Mickey?

    Riku and Mickey didn't get separated, Mickey told Ansem the Wise that Riku left him because ASoD was still inside his heart. Mickey most likely returned and was undercover from the Organization the whole time.
  5. riku911

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I'm going to go on an amputated leg and say it's a Dream Eater. MF looked like an illusion, like how he appeared in KH Final Mix. Right? Shitttt man, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it was a RoD copy of Xehanort.
  6. riku911

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    You looked way too much into it lmao. That whole .5, 1.0, 1.5 mind-F#24 me of what the order is in the Kingdom Hearts series. For all I know KH:BBs is first and KH:3D is the last. Whatever all this is happening in between KHBBs and KHI is just to further confuse the player and therefore make...
  7. riku911

    Hunchback World Announced: Imagined Music Themes!

    Sora V The Judge w/ his 3 gargoyles in control, sounds like a kick ass boss battle : D
  8. riku911

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Okay, okay, what song is this playing on the video though?! D:
  9. riku911

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    *Boner* Was that Sora running through all those bells? And was that in Twilight town?!!? By the way, someone PLEASE tell me what song was playing in the video, omg I've been searching for it since everrrrr!!!
  10. riku911

    Mysterious Figure No Damage and No Commands

    You sir, are the freaking entity of hax.
  11. riku911

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Gameplay footage

    Damn, video has been owned. Can someone go through the sequence of what was going on in the video?? : /
  12. riku911

    Sephiroth in BbS

    I hope grown up Zack replaces Cloud... Unless Cloud returns then wooopeee.
  13. riku911

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    I love Aqua as a character. Her personality, expressiveness, hospitality and all that jazz are what makes her a great person, which is what will probably get Nomura to give her a 2nd coming in future games [speculation] Xion is just a "filler" character for the sake of a one and only plot. She...
  14. riku911

    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    Ven is the original though. : O
  15. riku911

    Ven is NOT a roxas clone

    This guy is right. If anything, Roxas IS the wannabe Ven. x P
  16. riku911

    MF most difficult boss in the series

    That's why I said IF, but hey, little luck every few tries does wonders for you. (Guess I got twice as lucky as usual) :P
  17. riku911

    MF most difficult boss in the series

    VLS dies almost automatically if you can cast two Tornadoes on him with Ven.
  18. riku911

    MF most difficult boss in the series

    I don't know... Terra's lingering spirit was pretty hard too, I only played MF twice and was just messing around and somehow took away 4 bars, till he started going epic hax on me.
  19. riku911

    What about Master Eraqus

    Damn, you catch on quick. D: Well, I've been fed enough for one day.
  20. riku911


    Your sig makes me laugh. lol I just realized something. I think it's a broken part of a keyblade in it's glider form. (If there was a war then most likely their are cowards trying to run away and most likely got blasted, know what I'm saying???!)