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  1. BehindClosedDoor

    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    So first off, because the game came out today, I think this is the first thread made on it. I wouldn't know because the search option is disabled/broken. Well I just downloaded it. I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed. The soundtrack is awesome in itself, but it sounds a bit too "Final...
  2. BehindClosedDoor

    coM multiplayer

    Yes, Square Enix lied, Days was not the first multiplayer Kingdom Hearts. I have also heard that if you choose an empty save slot when going into multiplayer, you will play as an anti-form of the the character.
  3. BehindClosedDoor


    In the secret ending, Ven (I think it was) picks up Way to Dawn, which suggests that Riku wasn't the first to wield it.
  4. BehindClosedDoor


    yeah, I understood that. But like maybe Sora has to use keychains to maintain his keyblade... like his keyblade isn't strong enough on its own because it isn't really his, and it survives on the memories of him and his friends... iunno ALSO Riku gave into the dark first, so he could be...
  5. BehindClosedDoor


    OK We all know that TAV's keyblades have no keychains. But anyone else noticed that Dark Riku's also has no keychain? Perhaps having no keychain means that they are the rightful owner or master of the keyblade, this explains why Riku's keyblade has no keychain, as he was the original keyblade...
  6. BehindClosedDoor

    Unattainable Treasure Box?

    In KH1 Hollow Bastion, there is an area where you can see through some bars that there is a treasure box. I haven't ever been able to get it! To get to the area, you have to fall off from Castle Gates. Then go to the balcony that is above the bubbles that bring you to the waterway. When you...
  7. BehindClosedDoor

    "Don't Mock Me"

    lol if only Riku smashed through the roof, he'd get to the first floor much faster and yes, I agree with the fact that Lexeaus sees it as an insult to be defeated by Riku, thus explaining why he said "Don't mock me!".