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  1. TifaL91

    Favorite Song

    Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru Chance - UVERworld Ai Ta Kokoro - UVERworld One Day One Dream - Tacky&Tsubasa Dress - Buck-Tick Eyes on ME - Faye Wong
  2. TifaL91

    Favorite Fast Food Resteraunt

    Mickey D's!! All the way!
  3. TifaL91

    Fanfiction ► A New Journey

    I like it. I like how you tell the readers about the next chapter. I only counted 2 spelling mistakes. (1st paragraph) Ur really good in my opinion, I like this "Jess" character lol
  4. TifaL91

    Help/Support ► Strict parents!!

    I'd talk to them face to face...
  5. TifaL91

    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    It's called Dearly Beloved, I guess you know that by now...
  6. TifaL91

    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    The worst thing to ever happen to me was beating the whole game too quickly, it took out all the fun!!
  7. TifaL91

    Advent Children Confusion!!

    I HAVE BEEN WONDERING THIS 4 A FEW MONTHS NOW: In the movie Vincent tells Cloud that he can't take Marlene home, right after Vincent helps Cloud from Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz... My question is why can't Vincent take Marlene home?
  8. TifaL91

    Just noticed something

    .....interesting. makes you think...
  9. TifaL91

    Thirteenth Floor, Axel fight.

    Use high level key cards, ice and cure!
  10. TifaL91

    My Gym Partner is a Monkey

    II end up watching this show whenever it just happens 2 B on. Has NE1 else seen it?
  11. TifaL91

    Pokemon Fav

    Whats ur fav Pokèmon? I love NINETALES, Rayquaza and Absol AND JOLTEON
  12. TifaL91

    KH on the PSP?

    Do u think it'd be cool if they put NE KH game on the PSP?
  13. TifaL91

    What Combo of keyblades do u think is the best with what form?

    I love 2 use Bond of Flames and Oathkeeper when in Valor Form. They glow beautiful 2gether!¤¤
  14. TifaL91

    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    I did. My bro used the guide and my file is better than his
  15. TifaL91

    Which FF or KH guy is the hottest?

    This is tough, I'm stuck between: Cloud VII/KH/KHCOM/KHII Tidus X/X2 Axel KHII/KHCOM Roxas KHII Reno VII Squall VIII/KH/KHCOM/KHII Arc III Ingus III Yea I kno, it's a lot. But right now it's CLOUD^^
  16. TifaL91

    Lenneth or Silmeria?

    Who's better? 2 me, Lenneth has a way cooler personality and makes it easier 2 shoot the photon crystals. Silmeria happens 2 B 2 people, Alicia and herself. But, Silmeria acts like Lenneth and the crystals R harder 2 control. I guess I like Lenneth better.