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  1. Maverick-flame

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: The Novel moved to November 2018

    Why was this delayed? Would it be unreasonable to speculate it might have something to do with KH3?
  2. Maverick-flame

    Do you count Deep Space as a true world?

    I'd say that it is, but "Deep Space" comes from the L&S universe, and isn't talking about the "Deep Space" of the KH universe. Deep Space is part of the L&S world, whatever its name may be. Just as Hook's ship is part of the Peter Pan world, and Neverland is just a part of that world as well...
  3. Maverick-flame

    The First Day of Spring. RIP Winter Announcements?

    Tomorrow is officially the end of winter. Many of us remember that at the end of the 2016 E3 2.8 trailer there was an end screen that promised more announcements on KH3 in the winter. Sadly, all we got was a screenshot of Sora in Thebes and a few interviews. I created this thread to discuss a...
  4. Maverick-flame

    Disney Interactive Drops Out of E3? Impact for KH?

    Not sure if this is in the right place. Please let me know if it's not, or move it yourself. I recently saw that Disney Interactive is giving up their booth at E3. (From IGN and other sources) I was wondering if this could have a potential impact on Unchained X, 2.8, and KH3 showing up. I'm not...
  5. Maverick-flame

    The Other Promise

    Just wondering what The Other Promise from the battle theme of Roxas actually referred to. In other words, what is the promise that the song is talking about?
  6. Maverick-flame

    CoM or ReCoM for new players? (Does ReCoM ruin aspects of KH2)

    Yeah, but Larxene is one of my favorite VA's in the series, however, I thought Marluxia's was lame. I would personally recommend Re:Com on beginner just for the story rather than the gameplay. They already have access to this one and I don't think they would get much more out of GBA COM.
  7. Maverick-flame

    KH3 Amazon Sale

    After scouring the internet I have discovered that KH3 is on sale (for pre-order of course) for only $53.99 (American currency) as opposed to the typical $60. I just wanted to let the fandom know. Does anyone know why it's on sale? My thought was for Black Friday/the holidays, but I wasn't sure...
  8. Maverick-flame

    Playable Characters in KH3 (Most Likely IMO)

    Hi KH fans! This is my first post in this section. I have seen other post about this topic, but the most likely options weren't discussed very much IMO. I strongly believe Sora will be the only protagonist of KH3, but when I say that I don't think it's unlikely that another character is...
  9. Maverick-flame

    My Introduction (Maverick-Flame)

    Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts fans! I have been following KHInsider for months now, but I only recently made an account. I am very excited to post some threads discussing my opinions on a few things such as playing as multiple characters in the series. It won't so much be my opinion, but...