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    OK so where to go with this?

    So Terra now houses Xehanort and Master Eraqus inside his body? We know that Xehanort actually has controll for all the damage that is caused for KH1 and 2. Is it a possibility then that we will see Terra and Eraqus again? Or maybe at the moment that Xehanort becomes a heartless there hearts are...
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    [bbs] Josh Robert Thompson to voice Prince Phillip +Email Comfirmation

    Re: [bbs] Josh Robert Thompson to voice Prince Phillip Heimlic from a Bugs Life is the caterpillar
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    Just out of curiosity?

    How come you cant register to download fan art anymore? I went to try and register and put up some new pics of mine but it doesn't seem to be working?
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    Vanitas Identity

    In the arts, vanitas is a type of symbolicSymbol A symbol is something such as an entity, picture, written word, sound, or particular mark that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention.... still lifeStill life A still life is a work of art depicting mostly...
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    Vanitas Identity

    Do most younger versions of ones self look exactly the same as they age? Vanitas is basicaly Xehanort as a teenager! Obviously no one can be compleatly sure whats under that helmet but watch the videos everything he does pretty much mirrors Xehanort.
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    Vanitas Identity

    I think I thought of something truly briliant, Vanitas has nothing to do with our heroes, meaning hes not connected to any of them other than him being a villan. I think i believe that earlier postings showed that his name could roughly be translated into Vanity correct? Well think about it...
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    Ok but after this design of rikku Rikku kh2 image by Meg_Reed on Photobucket you wouldnt think Aquas design was that big a deal :P
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    Captain Justice

    This may have been posted all ready and if it is I am sorry and you can close it down but has anyone noticed that in the pictures of disney town Captains Justice's outfits change colors? I noticed when looking at the picture of Captain Justice with Aqua and then going a little below that and...
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    Nobodys and there Somebodys

    So obviously we have seen some of Nobodys Sombodys in the new BBS trailer, but heres the thing, why do they look exactly like there nobodys, I mean of the ones we have seen before this they have obvious differences. But Evan, Dylain and Elaus look just like they did as nobodys?
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    hmmmmm wow hard to rebuke things without hard evidence..... and you are sooooooo sure, and yet you have nothing to back up your "facts" next time instead of picking a fight might be more open to someone elses ideas :)
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    I did notice this too and it does seem a bit odd that those Keyblades look like Sora's (look like because Sora's was the same keyblade just changed forms with different key chains) which means there from the future and there in the past ten years in a Keyblade Graveyard. People say its cause...
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    I am interested to know where you heard that the Keychains relate to memories? Where was this said cause I missed it? And I am a stickler for reading new information :P It was just an idea a deeper meaning to it all there is no need to get defensive in posts people, I dont understand why...
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    Not talking about the concept movie talking about the most recent trailer from TGS 2009 thanks :) Have you actually seen an owner so far with a keyblade that did not have a keychain? Even the masters have them :P
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    So I am kinda obsessive about watching the trailers over and over again until I get to actually play the game and upon watching the new TGS2009 trailer for BBS something has come to my attention. Does anyone happen to notice that not one of the Keyblades in the Keyblade Graveyard have Key...
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    Terra can't be Xehornat

    Have we learned nothing about Kingdom Hearts? There is no absolutes! Back before Kingdom Hearts II came out everyone was saying, " Oh Roxas cant be Soras nobody he has a heart of his own!" Well look what came of that! Roxas was Sora's nobody! I believe that Terra may not be Xehanort but I...