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  1. superbanana

    Question about the Underworld

    They're in hell, At least we weren't killing spirits in heaven for MP.
  2. superbanana

    What exactly is Xion?

    No she's sora with boobs.
  3. superbanana

    Questions about KH

    i would choose a ds if i was gonna decide which one to get for portable kh games and only cared about the story because ds has 2 titles while psp has only one so if you care about the story you could watch the walkthrough for bbs on youtube and play the other 2 games however, if you care more...
  4. superbanana

    Questions about KH

    imao heres a list of the best to worst gameplay for the kh games: kh2 kh1 days bbs re:coded and list for importance to storyline kh1 kh2 bbs recom/com days coded/recoded
  5. superbanana

    Kairi's Memory

    cause it's illogical for something to have a logical explanation
  6. superbanana

    Who is the Unknown?

    Re: Who is the Unkonown? he's most likely the main villian in 3d.
  7. superbanana

    Possible KH 3D animations found within BBS FM. 3D may run on BBS engine.

    this. they could still make a game on a next-gen console but it would look pretty terrible graphic-wise compared to what the ps3 is capable of. look at the new tomb raider game then look at kh1. theres a difference.
  8. superbanana

    Possible KH 3D animations found within BBS FM. 3D may run on BBS engine.

    you do all understand that it's possible to use the same models and animations on all systems, right? the fact that they put animations on bbs was just because that happened to be the game they were making.
  9. superbanana

    Mark of Mastery/BBS Vol. 2/DDD/Braig/ ?

    if i remember right (i probably dont) ven's and venitas' hearts have to have equal and opposite (one dark and one light) strength. so maybe ven could try to get stronger and then merge with vanitas
  10. superbanana

    Did anyone else think this?

    Re: Did anyone else realise this? traverse town isnt the same as the world that never was. when a world is destroyed most of the people that survived from that world end up in traverse town, traverse town dissapeared because the worlds went back to their origional state so everything in...
  11. superbanana

    What do you think about Kingdom Hearts 1st person view?

    i would rather have 3rd person veiw. its easier to see when your about to get hit by lightning in the back also, what game is that? sora is in his KHII clothes fighting larxene??? did i miss a game or something? EDIT: nevermind. just found out it was KHII fm
  12. superbanana

    Sora's New Clothes

    sora cant fight heartless in that. it might be good for the beggining of the game if theres a tutorial level on destiny islands since he's probably gonna have been on the island doing nothing for the past year when DDD starts so it would be a good outfit but only if he's only wearing it for a...
  13. superbanana

    Hi (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    Hi. i've been here a while (watching you *evil laugh*) but i never decided to finally actually join until now. i started playing kingdom hearts about 5 years ago but i stopped after literally 8 seconds of the first game (that intro is so boring). then last year i tried playing it again and now...
  14. superbanana

    The biggest let down (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!)

    I think they were both better than their previous games so neither were let downs to me, however, i've never played any final fantasy games other than tactics advanced. i would say the one that was more close to being a let-down for me was final fantasy XIII becuase square enix wasted their time...