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  1. Pirates

    Why am I such a sex-bomb?

    Can anyone tell me what influences attraction (based on looks) Why do some guys agree on one girl being attractive but then disagree on another. Is it based on similar features to people you had romantic attraction to in the past? What makes some prefer short hair and big eyes? How does...
  2. Pirates

    Help/Support ► I think I might be sounding selfish

    You arent being selfish really. Maybe it is selfish but only because you know you deserve something. So, in that regards, dont feel bad. My dad makes $100,000 a year and both my brother and sister got cars on a whim so I kind of feel like I am entitled to a car. I dont really deserve it but...
  3. Pirates

    Jesus and sin

    Just a quick question. Is Jesus, being fully human and fully god, able to sin? If he is human, he is like me, who can sin. If he is god, he is well.... god, who cant sin. Which is it?
  4. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Diet

    When I was dieting, it was quite easy. You know in your mind what is bad food to eat and bad to drink. We all know fast food, soda and most snack food are bad for you. if you cover all these first, things will be fine. Now, things you dont know: Sauses are bad for you too. They have lots...
  5. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    No problem. Its what I am here for. haha
  6. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    To respect Black Rose Witch, I wont argue with this. This is for support, not to fight. We have other threads for that. I think Love should never be a sin (look, I even give it a capital letter) You know if you are doing something wrong, people get hurt and you should know something is up...
  7. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    Thanks, you have convinced me. Sorry, black witch rose, Luap911 says you should die. Personally, I think you are perfectly fine. I would think a loving god wouldnt care if you are like this. You are doing your best and the love you have is not something to be ashamed of. If something as...
  8. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    The way I see it, based on something I saw on reddit: Jesus is god's only son, We are all children of god, We are all females, So we are all gay. So dont worry about it. They are just hypocrites.
  9. Pirates


    I was thinking about music today. It is such an amazing thing. Every culture has music and everyone seems to enjoy music in some form, be that rock, classical, or even things like chamber music. It can alter our moods, teach us about life, and be relaxing to just passively listen to Does...
  10. Pirates

    Unconditional love?

    Recently I have talk to a christian friend about god's love. He says it is "unconditional" I say it has conditions. You have to exist for starters. So, what do you think about the nature of god's suggested love? Is it conditional or unconditional. Do conditions make it any less important?
  11. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Help with a new girl

    Do you think that she is looking for a relationship? You can usually tell girls who are and tell if they are just living their lives. Personally, I hope she would be the 2nd option. You will grow together more before it gets romantic and she will fall hard for you, which is always a good...
  12. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    I forgot how there are not administrative positions at simple places like that. I guess Mc D is run by a team of 16 year olds. No leaders, no managers, no owners. Nothing. Phew. For a second there I thought you were right, then I realised that you were responding to something I wrote, meaning...
  13. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    haha. Read what I wrote. I said "subway or something" Who is to say that these jobs you suggest do not fit into that "something"? But, no. You didnt read. No. Are you implying he will get any job he applies for with no qualifications and no work experiences? See, I can make pointless...
  14. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    My mistake. Apply for president of microsoft. That might work. Forget about working your way up, getting work experience, getting money to make any future career easier. You know, most people dont just start at the top. You have to do the simple stuff first, it helps. Well paying jobs...
  15. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    ...He doesnt have ambition or passion for anything right now. getting a job in the meantime isnt a bad idea. At worst, he will continue to not have a passion, get lots of money and possibly a higher paying job. What am I thinking? Such an awful idea. Living at home, living off your parents...
  16. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    To a guy who doesnt want to study, there isnt much else than a simple job, which isnt a bad idea for some people. Becoming regional manager of a shop is a well paying job for the work you do. For someone with no enthusiasm for anyhing else, it is a pretty sweet deal. Oh, and he even said it...
  17. Pirates

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    If you dont want to study for something, you could choose to get an easy job you like and work on it until you are a manager or something. Go to subway or something and spend a few years and rise up the ranks. Maybe on the way you will decide what you want to do with your life.
  18. Pirates

    Unlimited free energy?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHAg25Ndk_k&NR=1 I saw this video and I thought it could work. I havnt looked at any of his other links and I am not really the most knowledgeable about these things. So, what do you think? Is it all bullshit?
  19. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Fighting problems

    Ok thanks for your help. It would be pretty embarrassing to call for help over a little kid but I guess I have no other sensible choice.
  20. Pirates

    Help/Support ► Fighting problems

    But how would it be self defense if I wasnt in any danger? If I hit him before he hits me, then its only me saying that I was in danger. I have nothing to back it up with.