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  1. SM Shep

    BBS Preperation!!

    Haha yep! I've been waitin' since the first time i beat KH2 and it's finally time to play.
  2. SM Shep

    BBS Preperation!!

    Well, for starters, I bought a 2GB memory stick about a year ago that will be completely devoted to BBS (Data install, game saves, etc.). I pre-ordered and completely payed off the game (along with Fallout: New Vegas). I will completely charge my PSP from the minute i wake up on the 6th. On...
  3. SM Shep

    Getting a PSP for BBS?

    I bought a PSP like 4 years ago before I knew the secret ending for KH2 was a teaser for a PSP game. Since then I have been disappointed overall with the PSP. I probably would have sold it years ago if I didn't know BBS was releasing on it. However, Birth By Sleep will most likely be worth...
  4. SM Shep

    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    Kingdom Hearts II is pretty easy overall, including Proud Mode. Everyone has already said this but Xaldin and Demyx are probably the two trickiest boss battles. Xigbar is not to be looked past either. Just keep stocked up and don't rush through the game. Level up and keep potions on you. I...