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    Going Dutch - for the ladies

    Let's discuss splitting the bill. When you're on a date with a guy, do you want him to pay for the date? Or rather go Dutch? And if you prefer going Dutch, is it a matter of him bringing it up or doing it yourself? Everytime I go on a date with a girl, I always end up paying the bills because...
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    What purpose does religion have these days?

    A serious question. What is the use of religion nowadays? All it does it people justifying their awful actions. (muslim terrorists, christians saying they'll be saved by jesus, even though they murder freely) Religion is not necessary anymore for the question "where does the world come from"...
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    Help me remember this Gameboy game!

    Guys I really need your help. It's probably way before many people's time around here, but there are some my age and above, so I can always try. - I used to play a game on the gameboy (I sold it, whoops) about this demon/devil. On the cover of the gameboy, it had a green color if I remember...
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    X-Blade pronunciation

    No, it's not what it will be. Pronouncing is as Hee-blade, sounds like we call it a male blade. He-blade. Same for Chi-Blade, because it's close to She-Blade, and then it's a female blade. Sounds like crap too. I've been thinking about this and reading through this stuff, and I think if they...
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    X-Blade pronunciation

    If you ask me, it will be called "Ex-Blade." It's shaped like an X/cross and it's written like an X. And the X has been a symbol for all evil in Kingdom Hearts, so logically speaking, they would use THAT symbolism and call it Ex-Blade.
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    Master Xehanort's Reports Roughly Translated (Spoilers A-Plenty)

    Riiight, because the names unbirths and unversed are so important for the story. If they were called unversed, it wouldn't change anything. Just like Keysword and Keyblade wouldn't make a difference if it was mistranslated. Their role in the story is the same. The context in these translations...
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    Radiant Garden: Now and Then

    When I first played KH2, I was surprised how drastically the castle of Hollow Bastion changed. I didn't understand how it could look so different. And that surprise grew even bigger when I found out that the whole world was different. First for reference, it went from this...to this..... to...
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    Should the BBS production team make future installments?

    Then buy it. o.o I have been postponing it myself for 4 years, but now its 170 bucks and it has so many great games for it, it's definetly worth it. BBS, Crisis Core, Dissidia, FF7 and FF8 (PS1 games). And that is just Square-Enix/Soft. Let alone all other great games that have been or are...
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    Question about Ienzo and other characters

    Because it's 10 years before KH1. Where did it ever say that Nobodies don't age? I don't see the problem here. Lea is very young too, compared to his KH2 self. And so is Isa and Braig too. Braig is obviously younger, seen his hair color. Hell, they are all 10 years younger. Xemnas is adult...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    1. It's hard to tell, but they don't look older. So I would say directly after KH2, when they arrive at Destiny Islands and get that letter from Mickey. 2. He explains that he was angry at SRK and wanted revenge and by helping/help forming Organization XIII, he'd help his past-team to regain...
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    BBS Tribute

    Ok, this is not a video. In fact, I didn't do much at all, so I deserve no credit for this. For years, there's been backward versions of Simple and Clean around YouTube, but never a proper instrumental version. Yeah yeah, those orchestrated ones, but they sound so hard to the ears. And now that...
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Maybe I sound reaaaaally stupid, but that white blanket (?), is that Ven? Because we see him 'dead' wrapped in a white blanket. And since the blanket is in the position that Sora sits in at the ending of the trailer...
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    Help/Support ► Going to throw something.

    LMAO. Okay, never mind... I thought it was a bit of a mature way of writing anyways... But hey, you have hyper-intelligent children, so you never know...
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    Help/Support ► Going to throw something.

    Wow, I feel for you. Nine years old and dealing with this stuff. The letter is a good idea, but I'd suggest talking to your mother first. Maybe write that letter with her, or write it yourself but give it to her and let her deal with it with your dad. You're nine years old and you should enjoy...
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    Help/Support ► So I Like Rainbows

    Re: So I'm Gay Based on my experience in life in general, people are never the same. So I guess you shouldn't be worried about not meeting any guys that you find attractive AND are gay. They exist. Hell, everything exists. As for that friend, you brought yourself in a tough situation dude...
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Correction, kids have wooden swords (Sora, Roxas, Ven) Aqua and Terra are too mature to be fighting with wooden swords. Seriously.
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    BbS.Hikari/Simple and Clean

    Right. The only feeling it leaves me with is that Square-Enix is lazy, has no money and pretty much fails using Simple and Clean. Sure, it's an awesome song, no doubt about it. But it is part of a timeline that is 10 years in the future and the games that revolve around that time period (KH1...
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    That CG scene is obviously from the Opening Movie. And with that respect, they're most likely TRAINING. Everyone thinks they're fighting to death or something, but you all seem to forget that they're apprentices and they need something to practice on.
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? The boxart - if that's what it is - looks really bad. Why did they hide Terra behind the logo. Who in their right mind comes up with that. It could be a Christmas Card you know. Especially because the game is still a long month away... (wishful thinking)
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    Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu (translated)

    Or it will be just one opening, just as long as KH2's. The game starts off in one way only as far as I know. The fact that it's three scenarios doesn't mean it will have 3 different openings or 3x longer opening.