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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    I think Ven and Aqua might die since Terra ALONE is in KH2FM+ but then again Sora couldve traveled back in time XD
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    who is this ?

    It is Roxas he only looks more mature oh and did they modify Terras hair on this poster? XD
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    I feel stupid that I just realized this T_T

    Well its similar but not exactly the same so youre not that stupid ^_^ dont worry ~ you could interpret the Nobody Emblem as many other thing you know
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    I doubt they gonna make it really hard >_> CC was a piece of cake.. but I think KH1 had a good balanced difficulty KH2 was way too easy with all its support magic
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    Could FF7 Zack be in KH:Birth by Sleep?

    Lol calm yourself and read the posts.. it MIGHThappen but there are a lot of things that MIGHT happen in KH XD. Crazy fans would make up theories how Terra and Zack are twins lol I'd rather say we're going to see little Yuffie of CC again and maybe young Cloud MAYBE>_>' Although Hollow...
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    Aqua's Outfit

    Cetraconnection.de ~ the picture was drawn by a guy who watched the trailers at far as I know the other sketches obviously show other characters that havent been seen so far~
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    Aqua's Outfit

    Just found this: But its pretty much the same ~
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    Heartless existed in BBS!!!

    Natural Heartless like the Shadow and Neoshadow and such existed before but all Heartless with an emblem were created by Xehanort.. so yeah they existed but only a few and they didn't invade the worlds.. And also in Timeless River they only came through Petes door.
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    It's just to make it more challenging ~ I remember the second Riku fight in the first game ;_; so though. And they also desert you while the final bossfights XD. So mean. If you really need them they disappear~ useless after all
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    What is its name?

    He's right I read this a few times but it's not a realy creative name though
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    Organization XIII Heartless

    Um? Arent Blizzard and Vulcano Lord KH2 ? Or am I confusing things? You mean those fat jumping bags that are found in Agrabah?
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    Organization XIII Costume

    Um it's just lilke an usual hoodie thing only a coat? And these wierd chains can be sewed on it think~ but you first gotta chains that look like these . My grandma once did a serafuku for me =D since the ones on the internet are low quality ones.. =3
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    what are the age ranges of people that play KH 2

    I think everyone who loved disney as a child or still loves it =D some good friends are over 21 and still play this game... it's not really about being childish or something it's about fun and nostalgia~
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    If you really cant beat him ~ since actually he's not THAT hard just equip as many ethers as you can and spam Trinity Limit ~ it should get down a few bars of HP each and youre invincible while you use it. And use as many streght boost things as you can get ! If you still cant beat him. Notice...
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    Help Me!!!!! can't Understand Japanese

    GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + (PS2) Translation Guide by starrk go to "EQUIPMENT" and you oughta have japananese letters installed on your computer and youll notice there are only two new keyblades dunno if a should tell you how to get them since I dont want to spoil you the game...
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    Small Possibility that Tron might make it in BBS!!!!!!

    Never thought of it but yes youre right ~ at least the pc has to be there and Tron knew Ansem and how he was before the heartless incident
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    358/2 days question

    I cant wait playing as princess Xemnas ~ or as saix =3 hope he has something like a berserk limit gauge ~
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    What Character do you think will be in 358/2?

    All the Organization members maybe the real Ansem/DiZ Riku the 14th um.. Maybe we'll even see some scenes of Sora and his friends entering chastle oblivion since no one knows when he entered the organization.. the disney characters of course -cant wait for young hercules =DDD-
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    whats the point of the cave of rememberance

    It's just for fun =D and a challenge ~ I think you just walk through the cave and you can do the orgy Boss battles again only much harder ~
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    in the picture

    Would someone just post these pictures? ~ Thanks D: