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  1. darkblue

    Ventus in Cinderella , wtf

    that's it. I might totally be making this up, but I could swear there is an in game comment about why he had just .. shrunk. and it was close to that. not being completely sure how it would effect him to be popping up in all these worlds, being his first trip out of land of departure. around...
  2. darkblue

    Xehanort report problem

    sinister sentinel! I think. yeah that has iron prisoner II.
  3. darkblue

    Xehanort report problem

    it's not weaver. it's on the tip of my tongue the name .. but uh , yeah , definitely not weaver. guide's got it wrong , and everyone & their mothers does too. google lied to me. it's the event one or two over from weaver though.
  4. darkblue

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    there's a difference between receiving bonus content , and receiving a better game. ... ... do we really want monstro?
  5. darkblue

    Birth by Sleep -FINAL MIX- announced! (Famitsu scans here!)

    OH MY GOD. .. and I'm done. this is pretty funny.
  6. darkblue

    KH and Comedy

    the series has moments where I'll be like "haha , funny". it's more of a charm thing. but yeah , hades had some really funny stuff. same with braig. and just some other scenes. a lot of the writing in this game would take these small dips into these really human lines & talk. thought that was...
  7. darkblue

    has anyone tried getting the secret ending on standard?

    yeah , first kh on proud right off the bat. my god the mini games .... I just can't win.
  8. darkblue

    My New PSP

    hey , actually there were a few more threads made on people having the same problem. they shouldn't be too hard to find if you just scroll a bit. I've got it too , and I'm still thinking about what I should do about it. and it happens anytime. you could have it laying down on a table even and...
  9. darkblue

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    now that's the idea. I don't believe in perfect. in ... anything. I think people like to have something to pick on with these games. this series brings in different groups of people , and different groups of gamers. not making some epic speech here , but it's seriously how they're all just...
  10. darkblue

    Issue with the BBS bundle pack PSP

    yeah , after going through about ten minutes , of every like , 7 seconds of it popping up , I'm finally getting a little ticked about it. and really , the only reason a recall wouldn't be happening , is cause it's sony. but it looks like it's a 3 out of 5 case here. ... nice. life goes on...
  11. darkblue

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    I've really taken my time with it. just about to finish terra's scenario , and I'm nearly 20 hours in , ha. but I really love the game. you can pick at it on a few stuff , but the only thing that gets to me , is that it hasn't felt like a kingdom hearts yet. I'm hoping to get that with ven and...
  12. darkblue

    Could be a problem with BBS?

    yeah it's happening pretty often for me too. got the bundle. it really does hit you every 10 min or so , so its not like a little bug. I just figured I'd go in when I can. ask them about it. probably today.
  13. darkblue

    Mysterious Figure Info/Theory

    see , that right there. new secret ending to watch , only a few months time. the only thing right now I could get behind maybe , is that this is someone who just likes messing with time. and suddenly .. this has become LOST.
  14. darkblue

    o.k who would have Thought we would get so far?

    first thing I ever brought myself to work for , was that ps2 , for that kingdom hearts game I wanted so badly. and I could thank kh for bringing me to the playstation side of things. so ... thanks for heavy rain too sora. cheers *raised glass*
  15. darkblue

    Am I the only one

    midnight release. so I'm like , really getting it day 1 .....
  16. darkblue

    When should I even remotely expect a KH3?

    actually .. not really. mine's different. when I think kh3 , I think a III in the title , and its featured on a console. birth by sleep could be considered a main game , sure , but its not kh3. I remember in the interview he said "you even could consider it to be a kh0" , but to me that doesn't...
  17. darkblue

    When should I even remotely expect a KH3?

    I laughed. and I think he stated it was till they reached a point of development with versus , not completed. but really , either way , probably best just to set your sight on the next couple side games. which are gonna be awesome.
  18. darkblue

    Possible New Screens

    so sweeeet. : ) probably some of the more intense ones I've seen too.
  19. darkblue

    Is it possible

    is anyone here thinking the mystery title might just land on a console , not a handheld?
  20. darkblue

    Kingdom Hearts Bundle

    now this all coming with the just the game's disc? .... huh. I remember reading on another thread about that , the game cases not being packaged with the bundle. not sure if this was confirmed yet or no.