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  1. ~azure.requiem

    Shimomura and Hashimoto to be at Japan Expo!

    ~ i'd love to work with shimomura-sama someday.
  2. ~azure.requiem

    I think we have a chance for BBS remaster.

    ~ i really hope we do have a chance for a remaster. i hate how square constantly leaves out the rest of us when they make a final mix.
  3. ~azure.requiem


    ~ we don't know just yet. all we know is that his master is yen sid. i guess we'll find out in the next few games. he has been handling a keyblade for over a decade now, so he may have already taken the masters' qualifying exam. they just haven't mentioned it yet.
  4. ~azure.requiem

    When you first saw KH?

    ~ i first saw kh i think when i was still in middle school, which was about a decade ago. it really caught my eye, just like final fantasy X did. but, i didn't play either one of them till i was a senior in high school, which was about four years ago.
  5. ~azure.requiem

    Ansem SoD Can Duel Weld?

    ~ duel wielding means to have a weapon equipped in each hand. ansem wasn't duel wielding anything. he was wielding a duel soul eater, but he didn't have two soul eaters in each hand or two duel soul eaters in each hand, so he was just singularly equipped.
  6. ~azure.requiem

    ~ just thought i'd bring this up.

    ~ i really wouldn't be surprised if it was considering i pretty much know bbs up and down and i've never seen this before in my life. *shrugs* i was just trying to figure out if it was legit.
  7. ~azure.requiem

    ~ just thought i'd bring this up.

    ~ i know this is from bbs, but i don't remember ever seeing it happen. do you guys think that this scene happens in bbs:fm or maybe bbs -vol.2- or what?
  8. ~azure.requiem

    ~ why are sora and riku stumpy all over again?

    ~ oh, well, that helps explain things.
  9. ~azure.requiem

    ~ why are sora and riku stumpy all over again?

    ~ okay, kh3d takes place after kh2 in the storyline, right? why are sora and riku in there 14 and 15 year old forms again? i hope this has nothing to do with sqaure's laziness when it comes to having to create a new sprite for their characters. (i.e.: lulu in ffx-2. very, very pregnant, but her...
  10. ~azure.requiem

    ~ i'm back.

    ~ i don't know if anyone even noticed that i left, but i left around two years ago to pretty much devote all of my time and energy into a project that i've been working on. now, it's nearing completion and i saw fit to return. well, i guess that's it. ~ j a . 「 f u k a n o u . w a . N A N I M...
  11. ~azure.requiem

    ~ ja mata (see ya)... or for a little bit, anyway.

    ~ 'sup, folks. it's me. duh. i kinda decided to announce it this time for those of you who noticed i was gone for over a month last time. (heh heh. ^_^' gomennasai.) this time, i'm just goin' for a few days, so don't fret. i'll be back soon, so i guess i'll see ya when i see ya. -- ja mata. ~ kei.
  12. ~azure.requiem

    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    ~ me thinks, during the lingering sentiment, your actually fighting disembodied terra. it's terra himself, only he's something like xehanort's heartless from kh1 and only holds his form in some sort of clothing. (remember when sora was in a cave getting mushrooms for the raft and first met...
  13. ~azure.requiem

    Level at Destiny Islands

    ~ O_O *head desk head desk head desk...*
  14. ~azure.requiem

    Help/Support ► The New Kid on the Block

    ~ giiirrrrl, this is actually one of the best things that could happen to you. i don't know if you like who you used to be or not, but now is the time to make a few changes in your personality if you want. no one knows who you are, so make the best of it.
  15. ~azure.requiem

    Esrb rating

    ~ *falls out of her chair laughing*
  16. ~azure.requiem

    am i the only one...

    ~ by no means. trust me. until this thread, i didn't even know there was a gravity card.
  17. ~azure.requiem

    xehanort thoery

    ~ the guy looks way too much like terra. in my opinion, mx and terra ended up combining somehow. i'll need more info on what exactly an unbirth is so i can build my theory even more.
  18. ~azure.requiem

    Level at Destiny Islands

    ~ i dunno, level 10 or maybe over. heh heh. i was obsessed with beating riku. turn out to be a bust...
  19. ~azure.requiem

    Best KH Worlds

    ~ hollow bastion castle and the world that never was hands down.
  20. ~azure.requiem

    Terra Ven and Aqua

    ~ terra. duh.