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    KH3D English Demo Playable at London MCM Expo!

    I'll be attending the expo this year so I'll be able to give a detailed review on it and I'll see if we can get a recording of it as they had the 3DS at midlands last year which no one could bring cameras in but we somehow did XD
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    Aqua's Scenario

    Re: Aqua's Scenario. heres a screenshot of Ventus/Vanitas (shit quality though): X-blade picture by Yunagal95 - Photobucket
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    Terra as Xehanort pic Hi, its been a while since I've posted on here but I've taken a screenshot from one of the streams of Terra/Xehanort for all those intereasted. Sorry if this has already been posted: Xehanort (BBS) picture by Yunagal95 - Photobucket sorry for the crappy quality
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    Samurai character

    Hmmm apparently looking at the sketches and what one or two people said on some fan-website that he looks a cross between Hiashi (Hinata's father from Naruto) and Nooj from final fantasy X-2 but we can't really know until either A)Scans/Screenshots r realesed B)The trailer is leaked (which we...
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    Bret Iwan Speaks

    Hmm I was actually dreading to hear him after me being used to the Mickey I grew up with. But I don't think there is a need to worry or dread anymore so I'm happy with it and its coming from me. The person who whines more about voice acting work.
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    Who will you play as first

    I'd play as Aqua first then Terra then Ven because I want to play as a female first XP and why is everyone Mary Sueing her just becasuse she is a girl? Sh may be one of the most kickass out of all three of them cause I'm sure impressed with how she is so far!
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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    I like Aqua more out of all of them because. 1. she is the first female that can actually fight (besides Xion and Larxene) 2. her fighting style is different what we havn't really seen before (ie not touching keyblade, teleporting ect) So it will be awsome to play as her Terra and Ven are my...
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    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    everything really for me too. A kick ass female hero, diffrent character types, playing more than one character for a whole storyline, secrets revealed, the lot really.
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    KH RE: COM UK?

    Agreed, us in the UK and europe always gets things last or not at all its like Rule of rose, was released in Japan and America but not in the UK cause of our shitty government. And I highly doubt RE: Com will come out in the UK cause it wouldn't take 7 months really. Another harsh fact of life...
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    (SPOILERS) Xion has something to do with...

    Yh I've noticed that too. Cause when Saix talks to her infront of Roxas she has her hood on but then when the camera turns to Roxas she has a hood off and then back on again. Maybe she takes the shape of a memory of the organization from Sora but because soem of them have never met him they see...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has been leaked

    I think its stupid that someone would buy a ROM it just spoils it and I'd rather wait for the english release (even though I am going to import mine from America because it will be sold out for about 3-4 months when it hits UK, happened with KH2) it is just illegal and wrong. I also agree with...
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    Sora's and Kairi's were the best in my opinion. Then it would have to be the org coats. I'm not to sure on Roxas's and Riku's because they seem a little too much alike if you look closely (not considering the colours)
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    Donald & Goofy

    Ummm no. Its between the end of KH1 and before KH2. Donald and Goofy were not awake then because Roxas saw them in their pods in KH2 remember? Unless they suddenly woke up and then thought "hey I enjoy being in a pod that I don't know how the hell I got here!" and suddenly popped back into them...
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    One final 358 days /2 Theory

    Good theory. theres no plot holes and its good that someone lese beside me and one of my friends thinks that Xion has changed appearence (this is hinted because her voice is deeper than it used to be and not showing her face) and that she will look like a female version of Sora. Good theory.
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    He was tough for me (besides Xaldin and Xigbar) but he is a really good character. Its good to have a bad guy who is usually scared or forgetfull but can give a hard punch.
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    Could it be?

    (The picture Rain posted on page 1) I knew there was something more to castle Oblivion and u posting this has stated there is more to it. As always you are one of the best KH posters. But yh to topic he may have a connection not neccicerily (sp) making the castle but may have been to the castle...
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    There's something about Sora...

    I really so prefure KH2 Sora. I don't have anything against KH1 Sora because it was his first adventure but he got on my nerves and some points. I dispised COM Sora because he was a total asshole to everyone and it was always about Namine to him (I hate Namine btw for several reasons) I prwefure...
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    New Scan of Magazine Cover.

    Awsome! Nice find! it is great to see that Roxas and Axel are on the cover. its what a great game series needs! I hope there will be some new news in there!
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    VAT representations

    Hmmm.....intereasting. And yes I can now see what you mean. I never considered Terra to be on the side of darkness and I always thought of the Twilight side for him. And also in legend magic users were considered to be on the path of darkness and knowing Ven has a connection with Sora he would...
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    i may be like all the others, but here's my theory on Xion

    anything can happen! especially if its Nomura's creation. so either way DI or HB/RG Xion could have been created. its obvious that she is somehow related to Kairi. so for a first post/theory is pretty good.