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  1. Popsydoodles

    13 Seekers and 7 GoL The Final Clash (Keyblades Required?)

    So most people assume that to be a GoL you need to wield a keyblade. This idea is slightly reinforced by Kairi and Lea beginning their keyblade training to help in the fight and Mickey only counting known keyblade wielders on his team. But so far, on the dark side: Ansem SoD, Xemnas, Xigbar, and...
  2. Popsydoodles

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    The true light to defeat the darkness! Its shine is absolutely beautiful...
  3. Popsydoodles

    What Happened To Kairi's Flowers?

    The world doesn't need (isn't ready for) any more of these.
  4. Popsydoodles

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    This makes me happy. If anything, my least favorite is Valor for being the most bland.
  5. Popsydoodles

    The Themes of KH3 and Future Titles

    So Kingdom Hearts has covered and explored quite a few themes within its narrative. Themes such as: friendship, love(loosely), death, honor, redemption, resurrection, good vs evil. I want to know what themes you guys most want to see introduced to the story next, how would you like to see them...
  6. Popsydoodles

    What weapons would you like to see the Keyblade transform into?

    Well I'm bored and want to talk KH. Did a quick search of the forum to see if the topic was ever brought up, didn't seeing anything, so here it is. Like the title says, what weapons would you like to see the Keyblade transform into? The known transformations I think are a cannon, pistols, a...
  7. Popsydoodles

    Ephemera Skuld Ancestors (Family Ties/Themes in KH)

    While there is really very little to back this theory/idea up, how would you feel if Ephemera was an ancestor to Xehanort and Skuld an ancestor of Eraqus? There isn't much that ties these characters together other than minor resemblances, the fact that they both wield keyblades(not that really...
  8. Popsydoodles

    Xion's New Body

    Since Kingdom Hearts DDD we all know the strong possibility of lost characters returning in some way. But this brings up an issue I haven't seen mentioned here without digging through old threads. Xion's doesn't have a true body of her own to bring back. I have a theory and would like to here...
  9. Popsydoodles

    Lea's Keyblade Design

    Does anybody else feel like Lea's keyblade is kind of lame and unimaginative? Just because the guy uses fire and chakrams doesn't mean you should cram them both together and call it a keyblade. It's literally just one chakram with a stick of fire attached. I mean c'mon. That's just lazy imo...
  10. Popsydoodles

    Do you think that Kairi may possibly remember Aqua?

    How easy life must have been living on that island...the wifi probably sucked though ;P That's the real reason everyone wants to get out of there. As for Kairi remembering Aqua, it'll probably be due to hearts being connected and other touchy feely Kingdom Hearts logic.
  11. Popsydoodles

    Do you think that Kairi may possibly remember Aqua?

    I guess Nomura sees the main island as dull and boring. It must be like any regular city or town...a McDonald's on every busy street...
  12. Popsydoodles

    Do you think that Kairi may possibly remember Aqua?

    Who did Kairi even live with on Destiny Islands? Are the islands like the one from Lord of the Flies, totally governed by children? Please Nomura. We need the answers.
  13. Popsydoodles

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    That would be pretty dope if they show up at all in 3. Sora can turn the Mt Olympus keyblade into a Pegasus drawn chariot so it seems plausible. With all these negative and positive attributes listed for the respective foreteller animal sign, do any of the present day characters relate...
  14. Popsydoodles

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    Lust is lust man. It still fits the bill regardless of naughty desires. Plus you never know...Xehanort could have that kind of lust...
  15. Popsydoodles

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    Ignore this. Error on my part
  16. Popsydoodles

    Foreteller Animal Emblems = Symbolism?

    Well Xehanort lusts for kingdom hearts so it kind of fits.
  17. Popsydoodles

    KH2.8 - How will you start it?

    I would probably watch bc first just to get that out of the way next move on too 2.8 and then finally replay ddd and see if the ps4 controller is a better fit than the 3ds.
  18. Popsydoodles

    Dive to the Heart

    Whose dive to the heart do you want to see the most in KH3? I want to see Xehanort's personally. I think it'd be cool if Sora and Xehanorts final fight takes place there. A quick list of characters whose dives haven't been seen yet(iirc): Riku Kairi Mickey Donald Goofy Roxas Xion Lea Xehanort...
  19. Popsydoodles

    Pronunciation of Organization XIII

    I'm pretty sure it's Lucks ord. like the Luxor in Vegas. It's a hotel and casino ;)
  20. Popsydoodles

    Probably just a coincidence, but....

    A world that will be played over and over and over and over and over and over and over into infinity..