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    Blood in kh2

    alchohol in port royal when barbossa
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    American Secret Ending

    i have the secret ending in kh2 it was awesome their armors was cool
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    Very quick way to level up summons

    i just use chicken little it give you about 6-8 exp for your summon when you summon chicken little
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    Cerberus Paradox Cup

    try to get the double score thing iono how to get it but i think its when you defeat the enemies fast so you can activate it do the cup have them poles cause i cant remember and if it does attack that in the matches that have it so you can have some more points
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    Goddess of Fate Mission

    just try to get that double score thing and with stitch and try to get hit so your drive can go up a little
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    Cerberus Paradox Cup

    use stitch to get the points it gives you a lot of points when u play that song but iono if you could summon him i forgot but stitch is a fast way to get lots of points
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    then start on proud mode since its so easy on standard cause hard mode with paradox tournament..boy it is really hard. But i think we're spamming so yea. Ummm do i have to beat all the tournament extreme to get the 7th orichalcum+?
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    o but i already beat him do you mean the goddess of fate cup? cause if it is then i beat it already and now im looking for 1 more orichalcum+
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    how do i unlock goddess of destiny??? i got all the items except the last orichalcum+, how do i get it cause i beat all the tournament except hades cup.
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    look i found something that can help you.........

    oops my bad i was too excited and i thought i posted at the members helping members now to go get someone to move it
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    look i found something that can help you.........

    ok i found this thing that is very useful to you to level up your drive forms. ok when i was playing i was trying to level up my wisdom form when i figured out this thing. this strategy helps you level your drive forms without having to gather your drive guage. First you have to transform into...
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    Olympus Tournaments Help!

    did you beat the other cups?? and if you did i think you need to be at a specific level
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    13 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its only 7 in the game so you just need 7 of em
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    Correct me if i'm wronge, but...

    sorry for the double post my edit button wont let me edit! but heres the linkhttp://maiki.livejournal.com/351209.html just scroll down it talks about it
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    Correct me if i'm wronge, but...

    i think nomura said he wanted fairies in the game so he made YuRiPa fairies i read it somewhere in an interview ill come back and give you the interview later if i can find it:D
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    Was anyone else as disappointed with the 1K heartless battle as I was?

    i was a lil dissapointed i thought it would be harder and it was the part i really want to play but when i played it they were weak but i had fun though
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    Roxas and Xemnas anagram?

    Dang nice find but its old news
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    Ahhhh!!! Proud Mode?!

    Level Up!!!! just kill the nobody before you go through that door so you can gain exp. and go back to where your save point is at and go back thorugh the door and fight the nobody's again and repeat until your like level 3 or something cause when i first played it i lost to him like 2 times and...
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    Scale of 1 to 10 in Organization fights

    Xemnas 8.5/10 Luxord 7/10 Saix 3/10 Xigbar 3.5/10 Demyx 1st time 2/10 Demyx 2nd time 2.5/10 Axel 4/10 Xaldin 9/10 i was on proud
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    Secret Message in Sanctuary

    dang olddy old news.........