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    I would guess $49.99. The going rate for the good new titles.
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    2 Ultimas

    There are 7 O+ in the game. I was also wondering if you had any way to post some pics of this other Ultima?
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ FULL VERSION!!!!

    Wow...this is great! Thanks TSK. I have been looking for this.
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    I am soooo pissed!!!

    Wow....that does stink.
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    I am soooo pissed!!!

    Yeah. I'm oly really mad because of all the time I spent on it. It's kinda like all the time went into nothing now. But oh well, I just sat down and went through Roxas' story in like an hour and a half so I get back eventually.
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    I am soooo pissed!!!

    Man i was almost finished with my game of Kingdom Hearts 2 and i just found out that my brother has saved over my game. I was about 30 or so hours in he is like 10 hours in. Needless to say he won't be touching my game anytime soon. So for all of you out there who have siblings I say beware.
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    Light Cycles!! AHH *throws controller*

    It is soooo frustraiting.....but I guess I'll try using the charge section alot more. It's driving me insane though.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    I am at the PrideLands for the first time.
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    What Level are you on?

    Re: Your Level Finished intro: Lvl. 5 Current Lvl. 18 Current Location: Disney Castle
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    LE cover

    I ended up getting the Master form one. It looks awesome. I'm very happy w/ it
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    I got the call from eb

    Yep I got the call from eb and they said that anytime after 11am I could come pick it up
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    Happy KH2 day to everyone......we have all waited soo long. Enjoy your games.
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    LE Guide Info Page

    Nice find. this is just what I was waiting to see. Now I'm glad I pre-ordered one.
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    The Big Day.

    I will be sitting by my phone waiting for EB to call me to say that my copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 is in and then I am going to do a little happy dance. I will then proceed to lock myself in my room and play the game until my eyes hurt from staring at the TV screen.
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    Its about time!

    WOOT!!!! one week. I can't wait!!! We have all waited sooo long it doesn't even seem real.
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    New VA video ( spoilers)

    Re: Xemnas VA video ( spoilers) I do worry bout some of these VAs. I really want to hear all of them though.
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    TRON!!!! is on now!

    I'm so glad this is on I've been looking for the DVD for forever so i could watch it b4 KH2 came out. WOOT!!!
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    What if KHII got delayed

    Think happy thoughts people. You might Jinx it.
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    is anyone pre-ordering?

    Yep yep, mine is all pre-ordered and stuff....I need to go ahead and pre-order the limited edition guide too
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    And may i just say WOOT!!! this is great. they have english scenes and Sanctuary!! YAY!!!!