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  1. Quexinos

    Problems with casting magic and Mushroom XIII

    I have not posted here in years... I forgot I was even a member... but recently I got a PS3 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5. I enjoyed 1.5 a lot and remembered why Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game... however, 2.5 wasn't quite how I remembered it and right now I'm ready to rage quit for the...
  2. Quexinos

    Is this really true...

    oh for god's sake hey did you know you can summon Steve Urkle? After beating Sephiroth, go back to the market and talk to Scrooge. You may have to talk to him more than once, but eventually he'll tell you someone is trying to steal his cheese from his freezer. He'll ask you to help him, pick...
  3. Quexinos

    Where wre you when you first drove into Anti Form

    err you can't use drives there, it's just you and Minnie, did you mean before meeting Minnie? Oddly enough the first 3 times it happened to me I was in Beast's Castle. I think at first I tried to attack myself... then I realized what was going on That happened to me in one of my games too, I...
  4. Quexinos

    Malificent and Pete. Did they hinder the storyline a little bit?

    I just plain didn't like how Mallificent didn't really DO anything in the game, she was unnessicary. I was looking foward to fighting her again.
  5. Quexinos

    Yes, another poll, please forgive me and my boredom

    Circle of Life, I like the MP haste
  6. Quexinos

    Mickey no show

    yeah for Xaldin he saved me 3 times, I started to feel bad for him because he kept getting beat up XD I got him during the first fight with Shan Yu or whatever that guy's name is in the Mulan world.
  7. Quexinos

    Early trailer differences

    Okay there was a topic on this and I can't find it and I don't feel like looking any further: http://killthemongoose.satamsonic.com/kh2/ that's a site I made... I plan to add more, including pics and magazine scans ^_^ lemme know what you think... has anyone done this all ready >.> I'd also...
  8. Quexinos


    YEAH WHAT robysortijas181 JUST SAID... no what else? i got stuck on that one in WTNW LOL!
  9. Quexinos


    you have 211 posts so I know you're not just some newb...are you trying to be funny or what?
  10. Quexinos

    Does Anyone believe that Roxas does have a heart?

    some people have huge ass sigs too... seriously, what's with the HUGE signatures? geeze... Also remember in the first game when Kairi's heart ended up in Sora? How it responded to things Sora saw and stuff...w ell cause it was inside Sora... but maybe the organization members' hearts can still...
  11. Quexinos


    ...er... hi? how are you? O_o;
  12. Quexinos


    what are you guys talking about glide? I beat him without glide or quickrun the first time. All you need is retaliation slash, and beserk helps. Basically, when he hits you and you fly into the air, do retaliation slash right away and you'll have the upper hand, just keep hacking away at him...
  13. Quexinos

    Does Anyone believe that Roxas does have a heart?

    yes and Demyx too, I mean Demyx could feel scaredness and things like that right?
  14. Quexinos

    Is the Japanese version harder

    Hi, I used to be here as Sonique and I was a mod for about a week or so before I went nuts and left =D Anyone remember me? Probably not... I did a search, but Im not going to do a HUGE search on this, i just want a for sure yes or no answer Is the Japanese version harder? I have someone who...