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    So how did XH look like underneath his cloak

    I always thought Ansem looked exactly the same way he looked when he took over Riku's body later, with the cloak only beeing a plot device to make the revelation of Ansem's face at the end even more epic. Remember, the next time we see him as a pure heart is at the end of Chain of memories...
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    Why doesn't Mickey remember Xehanort?

    But people can still turn into heartless in the realm of light.either by being attacked by a heartless or by succumbing to the darkness in their own heart, as explained by Yen Sid and implied in countless other instances: "If one such as you, Donald, yields to the darkness in their heart, they...
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    Why doesn't Mickey remember Xehanort?

    sorry for the offtopic, but this way we could also assume why Xehanort wanted Ven to fight against a bunch of heartless and embrace the darkness. My best guess would be, that he wanted Ven to succumb to the darkness and then split into the entities heartless and nobody.
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    Last Scene of Kingdom Hearts: DDD predictions?

    Roxas is gonna kill ven and become a fullfledged villian. around those nobodies you can never relax, folks.
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    while we're speculating, let's add King Mickey in this, shall we? We know that he was the voice speaking to Sora at the start. He have vague informations about the heartless and most importantly the door to darkness, so Mickey apparently already knew at the time that Sora will be the one to...
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    Was this ever shown in the games?

    I like to think that Mickey had something to do with it as well. He was the voice speaking to Sora in the Awakening, preparing him for the fights against the heartless and telling him about "the door". Considering Mickey has tried talking to Riku all along but was not able to (maybe Riku and...
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    Why did Terra instantly connect with Riku?

    "Behold the endless abyss! Within lies the heart of all worlds: Kingdom Hearts! Look as hard as you are able; you'll not find even the smallest glimmer of light. From those dark depths are all hearts born... even yours. DARKNESS... CONQUERS ALL WORLDS!!!" -Xehanort before his final battle...
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    Maleficent possibly disrupting the MoM?

    only if she has some sort of contact with Xehanort. Without him she isn't half as competent.
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    Incomplete Theory Question

    Huey Duwey and Loui are ageless. Did you never notice that they haven't aged a bit between BBs and KH1? They've probably already been around for thousands of years, just like Yen Sid :rolleyes:
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    Where was Mickey?

    didn't Ansem say that the organization actually opened the corridor of darkness that allowed Mickey to escape out of the Realm of Darkness? or was that statement already retconned out of existance?
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    Secret Movie Transcriptions

    Where was that stated? in fact, I only recall Nomura saying that only people on the road of darkness are able to take hearts, reason why Xehanort stated that people like terra, who at that point actually was master level, were not able to pull that stunt. "-- If Terra wasn't the one who stole...
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    Evidence that MF is a nobody

    in my opinion there's still the problem that even if Eraqus created a nobody, he would still have those two gaping holes in his back, directly killing him the moment he is born.
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    N3DS Conference KH3D Analysis

    considering that monster's eyes, I'm going to assume that it is an absolutely new enemy. The eyes of heartless are yellow and nobodies have no eyes at all/normal human eyes. If anything it resembles an unversed, but its red eyes are simply circles and not any of those emotional expressions seen...
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    Has anyone noticed......

    oh, and then there are numbers of parallels between Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 and the Ansem we see in Kingdom Hearts. White Haired Bishonen guy drowns in stuff, that would normally kill people. Yet, the mentioned guy is badass enough for that stuff to make him stronger instead (mako and...
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    Ansem SoD Emblem Heartless?

    I always assumed that the heartless symbol was AX's own symbol, considering it was featured pretty much everywhere in Hollow Bastion, with that being why he took such a great pride in wearing it on his own clothes. he probly created it as a mix between Eraqus's symbol with his memory as Terra...
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    Traverse Town Partner Speculation

    it's a poster of Ichabod and Mr. Toad from that old disney movie. actually, that movie is a neat idea with the headless knight as a boss, but I dont really see them in Traverse Town but rather in a world on their own
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    Xaldin's VA arrested

    I see what you did there :rolleyes:
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    Xaldin's VA arrested

    and if he now loses his carrer as a voice actor, in twenty years, when Xaldin already has been having an awesome new voice actor for 6 games, people will still complain about the lack of David Fisher. It's going to be Billy Zane all over again, I'm telling you
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I see where you're going with this, but it doesnt really sound like talking, more like some whoosh-sound effect from swinging his blades.
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    What does Xehanort's Nobody really look like?

    if I had to guess he dictated them to a soldier heartless.