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    Kingdom Heats 2 awards

    Demix for me- two words- mullet, guitar that's all I need to know
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    KH2 jap. site updated!

    Perhaps we'll get to hear a piece of it during a KHII commercial (just like Simple and Clean during the KHI commercial). It depends on if they make a commercial though.
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    some impossible questions to Awenser...

    That's on someone's sig.........I forgot whose............ BHK and Axel fight because Axel is trying to get to Sora but BHK won't let him because he is protecting Sora. The keyblade didn't choose Riku because Riku was steeping himself in darkness. That particular keyblade then fell to Sora's...
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    Org memeber on both sides???

    It will be interesting to see how Sora can dodge music (cover his ears maybe?).
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    Final mix get it or not???

    I would say no.... The extra cutscenes can be seen on KH2.co.uk (I dunno if they changed their URL or not). The mod chip or whatever costs big bucks. The few extra moves that you can do will be in KHII. The Ansem Reports are featured on many sites, including this one. The only good thing that...
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    The true meaning of "Kingdom Hearts"

    Outfit- coincidence; also so that Sora could perform fusion Sora's memory of Hollow Bastion- a side-effect of Kairi's heart being inside Sora's; Kairi remembered Hollow Bastion; Sora has no connection with Hollow Bastion or any other castle of that kind Hearts-the theme of the game all are mere...
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    Comic Con KH2 Trailer

    notice the 1 p occuring between the 58 and 57 screenshots, 58-1=57, they're right
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    Leveling up

    That's going to be one of those plotholes that Nomura can't really explain. I don't know which way it will work out. Good question.
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    please TRY and look around for information before you start blindly asking on the forums. people will flame you. it is true the release date has been pushed back quite a while........... Kairi: from Hollow Bastion Kairi and Sora love each other but it is unknown if they will get married...
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    old thread............please close
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    Soras new voice

    KH- Sora- 14 years old, pre-puberty 3 years later (for us)- KHII- Haley Joel Osment- 17 years old, rich, puberty done
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    I'd like the magic to make noobs disappear....... Well, too bad I'm not a mod; then I'd have that power. I'll just have to settle for hoping for a blizzaga that can freeze heartless to death.
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    Fighting the Army/New Trailer

    I'm hopeful that you'll have the option of choosing. I believe the timer is hidden, so that you do not know how long you will have to fight the endless onslaughts of Heartless. It would be nice to have a Heartless Army battle mini game where you could fight the WHOLE Army instead of just a...
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    fighting in mid air???

    Lol, pointless thread. I do look forward to bouncing Heartless up like Rare Truffles and getting to pound them for longer. They look like they have a lot more stamina as well.
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    BHK theory. (Don't Laugh!)

    Good insight, good theory, but you're looking too much into the trailers. You need *solid* proof to prove a theory. Nice start though.
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    What is your faveorite thing about kingdom hearts?

    the plot the collaboration between S-E and Disney the soundtrack the unique battle system the characters inner and outer battles
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    Fanfiction ► This Is The Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending

    not bad, I don't think Riku would cry though
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    New Video Guesswork

    Ok, you all are (from what I can tell) right. I should have paid attention to the height. I'm sure that it's in Deep Dive though. 100%. Maybe it's the Glowing Eye Unknown. S/he wasn't that tall... I just don't think Riku would do that after what he's been through.
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    New Video Guesswork

    On the new video that was released on the site today, Sora is seen charging an Unknown in Deep Dive (I think). He charges swiftly, with a look of anger in his eye. The Unknown charges angrily as well. I believe he is the Enigmatic Man, because Sora and the Enigmatic Man have fought each other...
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    Deep Dive countdown...

    Besides 2+8+10=7+13..... All I have is the separation theory. 2 is the number of times Sora was separated (for a long stretch of time) from Riku and Kairi. 7 is the number of Organization members that are separated from their other deceased members. 8 is Axel's number of the organization and...