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    Not as fun as I suspected....

    the beginning was really boring and slow to get start. its fun playing as some one else besides sora but it was slow. also i like storys as much as the other guy but there are to many damn cut scenes
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    Does Anyone Like "Simple and Clean" Better then "Sanctuary"?

    i like them both but with santuary it sounds like she is out of sink with the song.
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    Who's your favorite Orgaization member

    iam going to say Xaldin but untill i play the game this is who its going to be
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    Buying the game

    yes.... yes you are :P i dont think they will sell out every copy when it comes out but hey maybe it will
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    Where in the World is Riku?

    i can kinda see what you mean about it looking like riku but i dont know. its hard to tell
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    a final fantasy world

    i think it would be interesting but it would depend on how they did it to make it fun
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    leader of the order

    yea it would be cool but after being a major bad guyin VII, i dought he would be the main baddy in KH2
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    Whos your favorite Unknow?

    ill go with axel and Demix. axel is cool and demix well i listen to alot of music and his weapon looks like a guitar.
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    Other fusions

    if fusing with others like namine and riku were possible i wonder what they would look like. i hope there are other fusions
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    2player in KH2?

    i wish they would do somthing like Star Oceon till the end of time were there is a certin area in the game where you can play vs mode like at the collusiem. that would be cool.
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    if you were about to be killed by....what wld u do?

    if iwas about to be killed by any one it would have to be...... hmmm let me think. my evil ( i mean eviler)clone
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    Deep Dive World!!!

    i am glad its bigger image i couldent really see the image when it was small.
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    Lulu and Rikku

    excuse me not to get off topic but whose Irvine?
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    i hated monsters inc. Lilo & stitch is one of my fav movies. i want it in the game even though i know it wont be
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    Twilight Town Hints In Deep Jungle !!!!!!

    ok its hollow bastien but when i saw it i thought it looked more like the castle at disney world to me
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    How many people will line up at walmart when KH2 comes out?

    iam sure som of you people if possible will use the matrix to dodge jump and run on walls to get this game. but i dought there will be any problems getting it.
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    what kind of pepole whould you like to fight in the coliseum!

    yea run up its head and smash it in to rubble
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    How many people will line up at walmart when KH2 comes out?

    i wont sadily :( i'll wait till christmas and get it then. but if i have the money i might
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    PS3 Tech Demo!!!

    i would want that (even though i wont be able to aford it) but i think they are just showing off.