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  1. Manly Cartwheels

    Does Anyone Else Find this Stupid?

    I have a feeling that this time travel shit will be expanded on in Birth By Sleep Volume II. Remember BBSFM's secret ending? It screamed Time Travel.
  2. Manly Cartwheels

    Famitsu Gives KH3D 38/40 + Scans (Now with 100% more swag~)

    Cautiously optimistic here. While the game might be only two points below perfection, it's also only two points above Days.
  3. Manly Cartwheels

    AR Card + Unofficial Guide Cover!

    Wait, is this a guide to the full game? Oh boy, we gotta bunker in, spoilers are going to hit us sooner than I thought.
  4. Manly Cartwheels

    GDC 2012 Starts Tomorrow

    I'd say the only event we should watch out for are Sony events from here on out.
  5. Manly Cartwheels

    If Ven's heart is within Sora...

    Well, remember, Xemnas talks to Aqua's armor from time to time, and Xigbar could have sworn that one time he heard the armor talk back.
  6. Manly Cartwheels

    If Ven's heart is within Sora...

    Well, what everyone else said, plus the fact that Xemnas is Terra too and he wants his bros back.
  7. Manly Cartwheels

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    The Red Eyed Unknown... Well, he could very well be and is probably Vanitas, the BBS novels would indicate as much. He could be an all new character too, perhaps one of many new types of enemies. Or "he" could be that fabulous and incredibly beautiful mage woman, if they really wanted to...
  8. Manly Cartwheels

    Is YMX Really Evil?

    OP is right, YMX doesn't seem all that bad, he even reaches his hand out to Sora at the end of the trailer. I mean, his older self turned out to be a completely douchebag, no question, but perhaps this is YMX when he was more idealistic and less evil. That's not to say that he's not dangerous...
  9. Manly Cartwheels

    Who do you think the Final Boss(es) will be in DDD?

  10. Manly Cartwheels


    My name, is Master A- I mean, my name is not important. It seems like I'll be stuck here for a bit, so hopefully you all will get to know me pretty well. And speaking of pretty, that blue haired mage sure is a looker, isn't she? From my completely impartial point of view, I think the more...