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    KH2: FM+ Trailer Question

    I have a question about the KH2: FM+ trailer that I was hoping you guys could answer. I can't get a picture but around 5:02 during the trailer it shows and Organization XIII meeting and three open chairs. I was wondering if anyone knows whose chairs those are. Sorry if it's a stupid question but...
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    What's the Present Keyblade?
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    Is it possible that this is in the future after all of the other keyblade weilders? 'Cause they can't be the original.
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    I never saw that. I suppose it could be a keyblade. But which one? Light, Darkness or In-between?
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    When did Nomura say this?
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    What was Zexion's weapon cause I can't remember?
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    Why Ienzo? He wasn't that important of a character.
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    Try and figure out the names of all of the Org. Members!

    I'm pretty sure Axel's name is Ael.
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    ...the keyblade graveyard...?

    I was reading the Secret Ansem Reports and it talks about how Ansem the Wise found Xehanort asleep on the ground in Radiant Garden and that he had lost all of his memories. Well, in the Secret Ending it says "Memory of Xehanort" so maybe this is about Xehanort's memories. And also in the Secret...
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    wardrobe room in twilight town

    I think my Inner-Demon is right but the thing about Yen Sid's book is a nice theory. But I forgot exactly what it said.
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    Magic Elements

    I'm pretty sure you get them as you progress throught the game automatically.
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    Final Form... When to get it

    No you get Oblivion later in the level.
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    Final Form... When to get it

    It's random after you beat the Memory's Skyscraper level.
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    How Far?

    I'm at Agrabah on Standard mode.
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    Post here what you think of the game so far

    I'm at Port Royal and so far it's really great especially the fighting, but it's not really telling me alot about Organization XIII. So I guess it's just so you wonder the whole game.
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    What about Tomorrow?

    I'll take breaks when I meet a boss or something that I can't beat and come here.
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    LE Guide Question

    Does anyone know if you can buy it at EB Games or is it only available online? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just wanted to see if anyone bought it from the store and not online. Thanks.
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    (Calling...) Him: Hi this is EB Games where you can trade in games for Kingdom Hearts 2 Me: Hi is Kingdom Hearts 2 in toda- (Cut me off) Him: No. It will be here tomorrow. Me: Oh (Click...) After that I basically sat around waiting for tomorrow.
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    For those wanting to see the gamestop reveiw vid but don't want to be a member

    I saw it and I'm not a member. Edit: My bad you mean to download it. Sorry I thought you meant to just watch it online.
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    1UP Reviews KH2

    1up just put up a review and gave it a 90%. Also, as of writing this it is the number 1 watched game on 1up.