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    grass lands theory

    at the end of kh, we end in a grass lands where we see pluto. then CoM takes place at castle oblivion which we travelled through the grass lands to get to it heres my theory: i think maybe the grass lands are in the same world as where twilight town is cuz if you look at the screen shot...
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    yah i found that like a month ago but i forgot to put it but hey i was too slow so credit to you! i had never seen that b4 last month;)
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    KH & shcool

    they probably didnt put it in because we never go there anyway, they may not have decided what it would look like at that time or maybe it would just be reveiling too much too soon
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    The Organization member's names...

    the letter X is known for mystery so all the organization members have x's in their names to show that the organization is a mystery...i think... there was info about his somewhere (wracks brain trying to remember)
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    Does square listen to there fans(KH2)

    im not sure they would take the time to do that but maybe... and if they did wouldnt it be more likly a site thats japanese?
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    will kh2 hav....

    i love the fact that its not turn-based...to me turn-based is too slow and boring id rather have the way its set up now
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    KH Princess of Heart

    did anyone know that bells name is spelt belle? just saying.... i think Ariel should have been a princess of heart too but i still like the ones they chose
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    Favorite character in COM?

    i guess namine cuz i dont like any of the organization people and everyone else is old and you said from CoM I really ike Namines hair style!
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    A little help-plz

    i believe its 99... i think im at 88 though as for the one winged angel i didnt know you could get it in CoM...its a card?:confused:
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    Another kingdom Hearts on Gba after kh2???

    i liked CoM but i like it better on ps2 i kinda hope its not on psp cuz then ill have to buy another system...
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    king micky

    im just kidding, but what REala728 said is sorta what i was thinking along the lines of maybe we'll see that mickeys head was cut open and sewn back up so that the organization could brain wash him to work for the organization im really just joking
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    Mickey's Keyblade

    i just thought of something... if mickey had a key, why did he tell donald and goofy in his note at the beggining of kh1 to find someone with a key? it would be funny in kh1 if sora starts looking for keyholes and then is like "hey! someone already locked them!"
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    will the old keyblades return..

    Im sorta hoping that they dont bring back that many of the old keyblades except the really important ones. i would rather see new ones, to make it more exciting to recieve them;)
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    It kinda bugs me ...

    the first time I beat the game I thought the same thing but figured out why quick enough. i remember when i leveled up, my max ap went up but it didnt help cuz u cant go to the status menu once u start!:D
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    considering how many people are on forums and chats and people visiting web sites how can it not sell well? i think there will be a kingdom hearts 3 but as said b4 what else can they be thinking of?:rolleyes:
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    i think that Namine is with BHK like Kairi is with Sora. that kind of connection... i also think that Namine isnt really with axel but sorta the link between axel/the rest of the organization and sora and his friends/BHK
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    Is Riku as blind as we think?

    i agree with XxWhiteLightxX just as he said it would be so pointless if everything didnt have a meaning. and if the blindfold has no meaning, why is it so focused on then?
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    Hidden picture!

    maybe its kingdom hearts? i mean at the end, we saw the inside of it where mickey and riku were, but what if it goes in farther or something?:rolleyes:
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    at what level did you beat the game

    the first time i was level 58 and the second time 6...4? yah like 64... in CoM i beat it at level 88.
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    Stupid or creepy music

    i really didnt like the gummi ship music and deep jungle... and hollow bastien always creeps me out! only at the begining when destiny island was being attacked at night, that music scared me but not so much anymore i like the halloween music! *starts humming it*