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    OOUU! You said a “bad word”

    Howdy folks, I believe a discussion about profanity is needed. Now because of the set rules set by the good people here at KHI, we need to set some rules so this doesn’t get deleted and me banned. [#1]No cursing, swearing, or using and word our modern society deems “profane” Yeah, just one, I...
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    KH2 Commercial on Cartoon Network

    man... i haven't seen it yet...... damn i need to watch moe TV....
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    Re: still waiting let the count down began, just a few more hours! im figggin wiggin out. lol i guess thats what 3 or 4 years does to ya lol! and dosen't Aus gut it the same time as the Uk?
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    Which Kairi Outfit is better?

    i have to go with the new one..... the pink one..... yeah..........
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    Roxas' Party

    OH HELL! thats f-ed up, i hate that dude.
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    Roxas' Party

    hows jm?
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    has anyone...........

    lol yeah it did but that was so long ago.....
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    has anyone...........

    damn is right it took i long ass time, and when i was playin i thought the game was gay, till i finaly talked to kairi... lol but it made the begining easy as hell!
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    has anyone...........

    i left destiny island at lv 20 somthing... lol cuz i didnt know how to leave so i just sayed and kicked some ass, alot of ass, i rock!
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    Ed VS. Jing

    the tittle says it all we got Ed from "Full Metal Alchemist" and we got Jing from "King of Bandits Jing" now who would win in an all out bloody fight to the death? now i think that Ed would win due to the fact he knows Alchemy, but Jings no punk and wont do out easy.... so what do u think?
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    Does any one know how the other order members die

    wtf, damn u and ur spoilers!
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    Why do atheist celebrate Christmas?

    I never understood why a doubter would embrace and honor the birth of Christ? WTF! This kinda makes me mad…. “Kinda”…. But I think that the reason that this has happened is because the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus B-day) has been lost in most of the world. Now I think that all atheist should...
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    Have anyone of you...

    wtf.... i dont want this to happen i hate hillary duff's voice its so friggin anyoing... and she cant act so how bad would she skrew up a voice over?.... i'd bang her and all but i just hate her so i hope this isn't true......*on knees*plz God dont let this be true! PLZ!.....plz.......
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    Shell Theory

    haahahahhaahaa this is funny as hell, were so of topic...
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    god damb door

    lol i guess i was luck cuz com was easy as hell to me
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    Shell Theory

    hahaahaa here we go again...lol.
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    Shell Theory

    hahahaaaa the boondocks was funny as hell but im back to say wut i think... um nevermind MyInnerFred covered it
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    Shell Theory

    lol good theroy i guess its beliveable.... but ur f@#king gay.. but the boondocks is on so ill have to cut this short
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    yeah i think that this is done with the help of Ansem or DiZ... or maybe some power not yet known... mmmmmm.. o yeah by the way im not banned any more so im happy...lol
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    Happy Birthday COM!!

    yeah i love that game... and i gotta sout it :) happy B-day COM:) lol