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    kh2 fm boss terra

    you can take him on when ever you want as long as you've completed the game to unlock him you can defeat him what 1 second, 1 min, 1 hour, 1 week when ever you want....
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    Level 99 Roxas

    hey **sora** u've inspired loads of people to do this so gd on ya, i think u can do it, im gunna try it now as i have noting else to do and am bored... i gunna try it on KHIIFM+ on Critical Mode... hope u succed in ur mission... Safty and Peace with all of U
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    kh2 stats

    well my KH2 is Str: 80 - 85 Mag: 75 - 80 Def: 75 - 80 But My KH2FM+ Str: 105 - 110 Mag: 110 - 120 Def 100 - 110 its so much easier to level up on KHIIFM+ awesome
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    hey how do u use the code cuz i dont no i see them everwere but i dont no so can you tell me over here or PM plz thanks
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    KHIIFM+ true or false

    i saw a video that showed the Heartless Manufactory in ansems study floor open and i dont know how to open the Heartless Manufactory floor if u can thats why i wanna no if u can or if u can or if it was a cheat disc or something and if u can could you let me no thanks.
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    dudes n dudettes this is about the O13 data battles

    what level were any of you when any of you fought the Organisation 13 data battle cuz i keep diein when any one of them do 1 move and the hit me so what level were any of you
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    Can Anyone Translate Soras Abillites Plz

    ok thanks dude its just so anoyyin not knowin wat abilities i have on
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    Can Anyone Translate Soras Abillites Plz

    For KHIIFM+ Can Anyone Translate Soras Abillites Cuz I Dont No What I Have Applied But I No For Sure Ive Applied Negative Combo But I Dont No What The Combo Is Called In Japanese so plz help
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    Question For ppl who have KH2FM

    what level were anyone of you when you went into the cavern of remembrance and completed it cuz im a level 65 n i die at exactly the same place each time so im just wondering weather i have to level up more or keep trying
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    People who bought KH2 FM+

    when i ordered it off play-asia it took 24 hrs to ship but 3 weeks to get here
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    Kingdom hearts 2 Final Mix+

    i think its really good but the only thing i hate is that on KH Re:CoM the leveling up takes so long after your level 50+
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    Re:CoM Question

    Re:CoM Question i have now got Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ and ive started Re:CoM and i was wondering if anyone elses was in black and white. cuz i used the swap magic 3.6 right and the game is brand new and not scratched so is it just me or is everyone elses Re: Chain Of Memories black and...
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    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    yeah coolio mines gunna be here soon hopefully but the postal service in england is so crap that i ordered my final mix to be delivered between 5 to 10 days and now 12 days later i still haven't got it yet its so anoyyin
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    Sign this pettion if you want to see Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ to come to America & Europe i know i am because i think if we all sign this and show it to Sqaure they'll consider it. so please sign and then send this off to square and see what they have to say then.