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  1. Graficcha

    frustration at the lack of commands

    I suppose that allows players to stick with a few dream eaters to fully unlock while having others just there to mooch abilities and commands from without needing to 'complete' their boards. I know those two stuffed turkeys that required items but delightfully few link points I only kept around...
  2. Graficcha

    hard to find dream eater material

    That's. Terrible. Holy moly I'm already attached to my little band o'brothers than I ever was to my pokémon. *shnugs that magic lapin that happened as a lucky merge* Grade E or not, never will I have'er go bust. Then again that Seal can kiss my furry little behind.
  3. Graficcha

    anyone else who disliked the flowmotion?

    Hah, I found the flowmotion very messy to use at first, but it does help a lot to get you out of a confusing tight spots to get your distance back quickly. Also great for blindly charging into a mess if you don't have anything useful ready at hand in your commands. I also used it to help me get...
  4. Graficcha

    Crisis Core music

    Well, I have a little question, actually... Does anyone know the name of that song that plays in the trailer, its starts around 1:13, that guitar relaxed western-like sound... AND in the last part of the Last Order OVA, there's a piece of music that reminds me of it -the part where Cloud and...
  5. Graficcha

    Xaldin Battle

    Indeed... Reaction commands are the answer to this one... Having seen some footage of the battle before i actually fought him I though I was frikkin' gonna die, but really, stack some jumps, unleash in a calm period, and when he 'goes dragon' run to a corner and wait. If you can manage to get...
  6. Graficcha

    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    geez, I had to wait till my b-day as well, the fifth... four days before that, my dad got it from the store, along with the guide, but he didn't even bother hiding it somewhere, I had to stare at the package in the middle of the living room for four frikkin days... it I didn't dare touch it or...
  7. Graficcha

    The saddest death in Kh2

    Axel's death is a pretty memorable one...he went with a blast, man. I was all like nooooooo!!! you frikkin' ass don't you go die on me, Sora can figure this out! ...the whole battle made me feel bad for him, just look at him, he was all exhausted, I think because he ran into Saix (when Saix...
  8. Graficcha

    Did you like Demyx?

    His weapon and personality choice at least confirm that Nomura's still up to the original designs methinks. Personally I thought Saix's broad sword was lamer, because it's not that special. (loved his pointy ears though XD) Demyx is unique, but so are most of the other characters Nomura...
  9. Graficcha

    What was your fav. Org line

    I'm a bit bugged about one of Axel's lines, the "Roxas was the only one I liked, he made my feel like I had a heart, you make my feel the same" one I know he hesitated at one point in Japanese, but in English it sounds pretty weird, he just stops a while before he says 'the same' o_O It made...
  10. Graficcha

    What was your fav. Org line

    Oooo yeah, gotta love the Axel ones. It sounded so uber-cool in Japanese too ^w^ Kioku shita ka?
  11. Graficcha

    ????? vs. sora in english (spiolers)

    ....pretty decent voice acting, but WHY THE HELL does Roxas sound so much older than Sora? He sounds like he's twenty or older!...unless my hering's off, but still....that can't be right, methinks. The intonation's good, but it doesn't have that 'roxas'-feeling
  12. Graficcha

    Favorite Organization Members in KH2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Axel all the way! Notice how he is the ONLY org member that doesn't get killed by Riku or Sora, he kills himself... And he's got the best character development, great mimicks (gotta love the way he suddenly bursts into a rage, or when he goes all puppy-dog when Roxas rejects him), a great voice...
  13. Graficcha

    Demyx is officially the coolest

    I really hope his voice actor will keep this edge Demyx has in it XD He keeps switching from whiny to I-try-to-act-cool-and-I'm-not-even-doing-such-a-bad-job to I'm-pretty-clueless-here-gimme-another-note-please
  14. Graficcha

    SPOILER Axel

    the point is that when Roxas left the org, Axel wanted to have his best friend back, and in order to do so, he had to work out a plan to avoid that Sora and Roxas would fuse together again. Now, Diz intercepts Roxas when he had just left, and erases his memory and places him in Twilight town...
  15. Graficcha


    I think that Saix intercepted them both somewhere before the war scene or before Ax' last battle, kicked Axel's ass and locked Kairi in that prison.
  16. Graficcha

    Nobodies ( spoilers)

    now that we're talking about nobodies...what could their heartless be? They once split up in the heart and the soul, the latter becoming the nobodies they are, but what became of their hearts / heartless? Sora might've already destroyed them for all I know.
  17. Graficcha

    Sanctuary . . .

    I thought it was a bit jumbled...but I'm really excited anyway. Right now I think the Japanese Passion's better, but I can't really say anything 'till I've heard the whole thing.
  18. Graficcha

    question about axel

    I do get a bit emotional about it...his facial expressions are so good, and they express his feelings in the scenes very well, and that only adds to the sad feeling I get when watching him and Roxas... I didn't cry, but I kinda do feel bad for him in a deep way.
  19. Graficcha

    Xaldin Question?

    I don't own the game, but judging from the clips I've seen he's uber hard.. 9/10 I'd say. Whoever was playing got killed twice, and it took forever to knock those last HP off him... ...I'm scared of him...*mommy...*
  20. Graficcha


    nah, it's just that when Sora meets him the second time, he's first all scared, and then Sora says something about Nobodies and hearts or something, and then he turns around and his voice is all deep and serious, adn it sounds as if he's trying to imitate Saix, not intimidate him...he'd be SO...