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  1. SquarePhoenix

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Playable at the EB Expo in Sydney

    I just bought my wristbands today! : D (Sorry for being away so long, life got in the way, I guess.) If you live Sydney, I'd be more than happy to get you a wristband. : )
  2. SquarePhoenix

    Preparation for Sephiroth?

    Once you reach Lv.100 you'd be surprised by how easy Sephiroth "can" be. Remember to spam triangle as soon as the battle starts. If you can afford to use Elixirs, then equip as many as you can. (You won't need that many, but just in case) From there, alternate between Reflectega and attacking...
  3. SquarePhoenix

    What was the motive for Terra internally fighting Xehanort?

    Kinda figured that he wanted to avenge Eraqus and to protect Aqua and Ven. But, Terra seems pretty easy to provoke.
  4. SquarePhoenix

    Twilight Town mansion mystery connection

    Re: twilight town mansion mystery connection Really? Those gold decorations look more like a cross between the Mark of Mastery badge and a wolf to me. On top of all that, there also the fact that there's a wall separating the mansion from the rest of the town. Maybe the war lead to wall being...
  5. SquarePhoenix

    Twilight Town mansion mystery connection

    Re: twilight town mansion mystery connection Also, in relation to the Foretellers, I think there's a fountain near the entrance to Sunset Terrace (from the station) that resembles either a bear, or leopard. I know that's kinda small in comparison to all the Unicorns and Pegasus, but I thought...
  6. SquarePhoenix

    Xehanort Fight in Terra Story - Help!

    How did you make it that far at only lv.29!? You'll have a much better chance when you're in your lv.40's Anyway... It really helps to stay on the defensive. Just time your guards well and you'll be fine. You're in no hurry. If he uses Ultima Cannon, use your shotlock to avoid getting hit. (I...
  7. SquarePhoenix

    Is this how the timeline goes after BBS?

    4. No, not torture. Just ungodly experiments. 9. If I'm not mistaken, the real Ansem wrote report 1 himself. The rest were written by AX.
  8. SquarePhoenix

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    Can't wait! : D *stares at release date* Isn't that around the 13 year anniversary? : 0
  9. SquarePhoenix

    Aqua goes super saiyan

    Maybe, his health bar in KHIIFM is more like a timer before he realises that he's up against an equally determined opponent. But, yeah, I don't see any other option for defeating him than destroying/chipping away at him. Which also brings up the question as to whether or not he can heal. And...
  10. SquarePhoenix

    Aqua goes super saiyan

    One could argue that without a body, the Lingering Will won't be able to succumb to things like sleep or fatigue, or any other kinds of physical exhaustion.
  11. SquarePhoenix

    HONEST TRAILER: Kingdom Hearts

    Consider their mispronunciations as their ignorance! Mwahahaha! You lost me when you said, "Ansem". XD
  12. SquarePhoenix

    How did he open it?

    Wasn't it mentioned in another report saying that the door was already unlocked?
  13. SquarePhoenix

    Anyone else playing on "Spontaneous Death" mode?

    For some reason Demyx (2nd battle) was easy on Critical. I was planning to fight him at Lv.40, but tried at Lv.38. After that, I'll complete worlds based on their battle level. Land of Dragons was a breeze, but I lost shortly afterwards to a Hammer Frame at Beast's Castle. What the hell? Is Once...
  14. SquarePhoenix

    Nitpicks and the little things

    It makes it all too tempting to skip scenes. *The controversy before BbS's release over Aqua's outfit showing too much skin. Yet, Ariel can get away with wearing nothing more than clam shells.
  15. SquarePhoenix

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    It's been bit of a nostalgia trip, so far. : ) I even took some time between objectives in KHII just to jump into the first-person perspective to look at stuff!!! Hmm, nice stuff! (And to prolong Sora's awakening. Mwahahaha!) As for BbS, I was suprised I felt any nostalgia for a game I've...
  16. SquarePhoenix

    News ► Free Roxas & Sora Lithograph with Preorders of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Europe!

    With "Every pre-order" but "Available exclusively" from the online store. Yeah, no offense Square, but I`m gonna take this with a grain of sea-salt and assume that I`m not gonna get this lithograph in Australia. Regardless of the fact that I already pre-ordered my copy months before a release...
  17. SquarePhoenix

    Amazon France reveals the Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Limited Edition Boxart

    So, is this "exclusively" available to online orders?
  18. SquarePhoenix

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    And the Ansem Reports did say that there were "volunteers" for the "Darkness of the Heart" experiments.
  19. SquarePhoenix

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Ahahaha! XD Oh, Braig, if Master Xehanort ever heard half the things you say, you`d be lucky to be alive right now. 0:20 "Xehanort`s "grandpa" is so scary! I wonder where he is." XD
  20. SquarePhoenix

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX TV Commercials!

    The perfect reason to plug my tv back in!!! :D (But if I hear "Let It Go" one more time...) Now I`m kinda curious about whether or not if they changed (KHIIFM) Apprentice Xehanort`s appearance so he`ll look like how he did in Blank Points. But seeing as how the Lingering Will is still shinier...