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    KHII more light hearted???

    i agree, i thought the music in the first game had a major impact on the darkness of it. the second game was a little too cheery for me, i hope that birth by sleep has that darkness and mysteriousness that the first kingdom hearts had
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    How to lvl the Limit Form

    limit form looks soooo kool. cant wait 2 have t here
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    Lexaeus and Saix

    i think everyones made there point here
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    I Found This On Google (has Spoilers)

    yeah, ive definitly seen this before. weird...
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    Malificent and Pete ?????

    if they died, then they wouldnt have left it out of kh2. if they do end up dying, then u will probly get to kill them in kh3 or maybe even in kh2fm, u can see wat happens to them
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    KH2 Playarts Toys

    u ppl dont actually play with these things do u
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    Roxas and Sora

    Re: Roxas and Sra merging no. i definitely think tht they merged in twtnw
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    challenges for KH2

    ive already done that one with the kingdom key and no drives
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    Is there a HP Limit?

    im only on lvl 65, haha. but idk if theres a limit
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    This Is So Kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    does anyone here have kh fm?

    thats pretty kool. i wish i had fm. o well, maybe theyll make kh2fm for the us.
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    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    it took me a week of almost nonstop play (probably same as everyone else)
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    KH:COM manga almost here..

    is it gonna be in english?
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    aussies kingdom hearts 2 comes out tommorrow

    Thats Great Aussie Dudes, Enjoy It!
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    More News on KHII Final Mix and Re Chain of Memories

    This Is So Kool! They Better Make It For America Or Else!
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    My thoughts on the COM Demo

    i wish i was there. ur so lucky xaldin. glad u enjoyed urself
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    signed it, they better bring it to the us. sum kid sed he'll commit suicide if they dont lol
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    Passion/Sanctuary Orchestra, Orchestrated from !Play

    it's so kool. oh yeah. ,.,.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    this is so cool! i just hope that its released on the ps2 and in america (just like every american kh fan) cuz theres no way im getting a ps3, at all!
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Re: What are looking forword to doing most?! (Eurpiens and Australiens only lol!) lol, thats funny, dont get ur hopes up that much, european dude, kh2 is good, but it doesnt live up to the height that u all think its gonna be