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    Re: CoM in Europe (take a look at this please)

    Re: CoM in Europe (take a look at this please) I want it to come out in Europe so bad. :<
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    My wall

    So, I decided to take a projector and draw some KH on my wall. First with a pencil and then paint. This is the outcome: There's a bit black in the upper right part because that was a mistake, I will fix it later. I made these pictures with my cell phone so the quality isn't that good. :3
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    Who here still plays this game?

    I still play the game very often.
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    Height comparison

    Right.. And your problem is?
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    Height comparison

    Sarcasm fails on the internet.
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    Height comparison

    Yeah, like a chinese woman is taller than a 16 year old boy.. (Mulan and Sora)
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    Question about Org. Members

    Smashing his face in should do the trick.
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    Question about Org. Members

    Lulz, I don't like Zexion. I'm happy he's dead. And the way he died was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
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    Question about Org. Members

    It LOOKS like he fades because you can't see the whole teleport iirc. Just some smoke etc.
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    Jesse McCartney

    I'd do it for free tbh. ;p
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    Jesse McCartney

    It's not only about the money. I'd be honored to have my voice in Kingdom Hearts. Even if it was just some random side NPC. :p
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    Jesse McCartney

    Yeh, I think so too. Ven and Roxas have the same voice right?
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    A music question

    It does sound like it indeed. Anyone? :>
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    A music question

    I've been looking at the Re:CoM cutscenes. And every time just before you fight an Org XIII member this fast song starts. It's also in the normal CoM but the Re:CoM one sounds way better. My question is where can I find this song? I've been checking some pages of this forum section and found one...
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    Re: CoM [Without Cards]

    Re: CoM [Without Cards] I didn't like the card fighting in CoM. I haven't played Re:CoM but seeing the vids it looks better and more enjoyable. I'd say yes. CoM would be better without the cards IN MY OPINION. But it would also ruin the game because, well... CoM is just not CoM without the cards.
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    Evilish Nobodies??

    Those indeed. But I'd add Larxene to that list.
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    Did you like this game?

    Indeed. I could cry when I found out that I wouldn't get Dodge Roll. >_< But that would make the game even easier. :p
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    Did you like this game?

    I used to like KH1 better than KH2. But now.. I seriously can't stand KH1 anymore. The storyline etc is great don't get me wrong, but the gameplay fails so hard compared to KH2. The only downside on KH2 is that it was so easy. I know, I know. KH2 is so easy because of the gameplay. (I don't...
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    Not sure if anyone knew this but

    What? Sora can jump? What the hell?
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    What happend to......

    She can appear where ever she wants. She can disappear where ever she wants. Not that hard eh?