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    But why would there be munny in some demos, and not others? That doesn't really make sense. I've looked over old trailers, and I can't seem to see any munny at all. Alot of drive balls - but no munny. If there is no munny in any trailers - then Reala may be correct. But why not put it in...
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    In watching all the demos, I've seen them drop HP Balls, MP Balls and Dive Mode Balls, but no Munny? Does this mean there might be a new system of obtaining munny?
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    i nticed something

    I'd have said the Brave Form is attack based, no magic. As Donald would still be there to use it. And vice versa, when you fuse with Donald perhaps you're very vonfined to phyical attacks. Maybe no specials and just the basic hitting, but high magic.
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    Do you think you should be able to alter Sora's look?

    It's a nice idea, but I like Sora looking just the way he is. I dont think it'd suit the style either.
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    what would u do

    I actually wouldn't like it... it'd spoil the story for me and I think watching the same scene over and over and over and over and over til it's at perfection would kinda destroy the magic of it all.
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    http://www.kh2.co.uk/?kh2=Information, they said..

    I've heard 2 versions: 2 disks to accomidate the size of the game and 2 disks - one for Sora's story, one for BHK's story. I, however, believe the first one more. I think the playable characters will switch throughout the story - not be a seperate disk.
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    Final Mix information help!!

    In the UK you can get your PS2 fitted with something known as a "chip". You would say you're gettign your PS2 "chipped". It is illegal, but most people know somewhere to get it done. The chip allows you to play imported games. I'm considering having my PS2 chipped, I know a shop not far from...
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    fusions with disney people

    DarkSora23 is correct, in one of his interviews he says that fusing is an important part of the game (I think that's right), and also that there will be many more fusions not seen yet - but there's no hint as to who else exactly we can fuse with.
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    Just a thought...

    Oh. Oops. ^^ It's been way too long since I seen that film - I didn't even think of that. It definitely looks like he's sealing a keyhole though, but with the crown shape, it looks more important than "just another keyhole"
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    Just a thought...

    I was looking at someone's sig, and they had this: Now, by now we've all probably seen it. And I always wonderered where it was, or what he was doing. Could it be Disney Castle? Perhaps there's a particularly important keyhole there. It'd make sense if there was...
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    Railways in TT

    yup, there's a "map" type thing of twilight town that has the railway at the very front of it. Somone posted it, not sure where that post is now though.
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    Riku or Sora

    I like Riku better. I simply feel he is a better 'character' as story characters go. He has ups and downs and is, in my opinion, a more 'realistic' character.
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    kairi's heart

    Obviously, it's Sora.
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    That's an unfair comparison! We seen what the "new" Riku looks like yet. ;)
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    an ansem theorie

    Themuffinman is right. I think having a keyblade is something that he'd mention in his reports.
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    What keyblades do you want?

    Uhh... kingdomhearts248... you stole my sig... I made it myself... please don't steal it. If you really want a sig, PM me and I'll make you one. But don't steal... As for keyblades... I just want the One Winged Angel keyblade we missed out on from Final Mix... it's not original - but I want it. o.O
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    Vincent and Yuna

    I wasn't sure how reliable it was, thanks for clearing that up anyway.
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    plz read!the voices of tigger and piglet died!

    Haven't they already finished the voice recording?
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    Vincent and Yuna

    IMDb lists the voices here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390163/ One of my friends who remembers Hercules well said that the "Pain" listed probably isn't the Pain from FFX2. She says that "Pain" and "Panic" (listed just above Riku - one k) are two small characters from Hercules.
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    Controller Problems with KH2?

    When you're locked onto an enemy, isn't the camera fixed to face that particular enemy? This would stop the camera rotating during lock-on and would leave R3 free to switch enemies.