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    Just realised something important in DD video!

    Just Realised, after the BHK throws the Oblivion KeyBlade to BFU (thought to be riku) They go past eachother, riku falling, BHK running up the building (which is by teh way awsome to watch) after the already kinda pass eachother if you look at the BHK, he has 2 keyblades still It now looks like...
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    I dont know about that eather, but it is possible. I mean think about it, has anything in any of the Kingdom Hearts games *EVER* turned out to be what you expected. I mean liek in the ASAS videos I want to believe that white haired blindfolded person who looks awful darn simalar to riku is...wel...
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    DD/ASAS Are thsoe sceenes gonna be in KH2?

    I just downloaded DD, adn watched it (FRIGGIN AWSOME!) But I wanted to know if they will show any of the stuff we've seen in ASAS/DD in KH2? It would be really cool if they did.
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    ASAS~ Just Discovered Some Very Interesting Things!

    ok, I finished beating KH1 for the 3rd tiem yesterday (I was bored adn wanted ot see the ASAS video again) This tiem I really paid attention to it though. After the video plays through, and the picture thats on the cover of the KH game, as well as the strategy guide comes up, and it says "The...
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    Re: Theories~ Regarding NeoTown, and heartless in ASAS Ok, I beat KH1 for the 3rd time the other day (I was bored and wanted to see ASAS again) Well I paid special attention to the neotown. I actually discovered something!!! After the ASAS video finishes playing, the cover of KH1, adn the...
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    Working on getting ultima weapon-help!

    I have beaten the game, but decided to try with the ultima weapon, I need to sythesise 2 more items, but I need blaze shards. I cant find any of those red nocturns (I think thats them, they are red) anyone know if they are still in any worlds??? e-mail me @ tiels04@aol.com