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    Some Questions

    ummm, if i reserved mine in september would i still geti teven though it got pushed back a doezen times or so?
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    If you were to make your own KH2 world...

    ahem, back on topic here id love a spongebob world, and the evil dude plakton is creating heartless to get the burger formula, sweetness LOL
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    Do You think KH2 will be a Greatest Hits Game for PS2

    of course it will be, how could it not, oh yeah,if they dont release it soon! ill kill them all myself!!!! sorry, im still waiting, like the rest of us who didnt import it....
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    A KH2 Theory!

    even with 5 per chest thats still 125 chests, so although that would be cool, it be alot harder but i still think since its harder they might just put it in the game, but it would only be for the north american versions, or others that get released later
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    plz help me with vids

    ummm, i used the filefront thingy and all i got was the audion ( which was good but not good enough ) so can some help me get it windows media player ? thanks :)
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    Tons of new information on Saix and KHII

    i think that if normura has stopped everyone from learing the bhk's true name, then he is in no way gonna give it up until the game comes out, and even when he does, i have to say that for everyone in north america, who knows if its gonnna be the same name in english? and on a side note, where...
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    all i gotta say is, what is better than beating the f***ing crap out of small little things with a giant key? WHOS WITH ME? (as you can see it also helps me release some anger when i cant find anyone in real life)
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    Game Cost

    in canada kh2 is gonna cost about 64.99 + tax, thats what most new (good) games cost here these days (btw, thats tifa in ur sig right?)
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    Yna, Riku and Paine

    I hoped that they were real sized cause look at most other ff characters
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    Who could Sora fuse with for the different coloured drive forms?

    I honestly hope that you can fuse with every extra character in most worlds, like Aladin and Beast (if hes playable).
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    mickeys clothes

    and wat about rikus clothes?
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    mickeys clothes

    the thing is i always imagined mcikey to be wearing those pants he always wears in most of the old cartoons, but this is much cooler, it looks like a mix of soras old clothes + brave form clothes, normura said that soras clothes have a big importance so what about mickeys?
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    mickeys clothes

    is it just me or does mickeys new clothes look like the brave form, sorry if this has been posted before, cause in the last two trailers it shows his clothes and they look oddly familar
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    question about sora

    im probably gonna get flamed for this but i still want to know even though its probably been said. when sora stabbed himself in the last game he turned into a heartless, shouldnt he have become a n.e.o. because he has a strong heart, like hes the keyblade bearer, or maybe this created bhk or...