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    Kingdom Hearts II?

    hm...nope not yet' wtf why do i need 25 words :P
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    when did you get final form

    i got mine on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Sora-Final-Form-Kingdom-Hearts-2-Cosplay-Costume_W0QQitemZ6057131998QQcategoryZ1345QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem :P
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    Um..did this happen??

    my friend told me that when he was in pride rock and he told me that there was a cut scene that showed setzer had connections to org 13. also why does setzer look so much like axel?
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    new e3 news on KH!!!

    http://www.gamespot.com/e3/e3story.html?sid=6149412 is the story : p do i get rep for this? jw
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    Black or White

    or this one... is something wrong?
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    Kairi's father

    i cant see anything on this thread wtf
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    i got really bored and i wanted to see how many posts i could get in an hour...wow thats alot
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    ok so i just learned about vbplaza.php but i have no points and i never get any, whats wrong!!1
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    OK I HAVE UNMISTAKEABLE PROOF THAT BHK's real name is.......Roxas :P
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    End of ff7 AC, KH related *spoilers*

    ok so at the end of ff7 ac when shepheroth dies it zooms in on his face and he says "i will neve be a memory" when he zooms in on his face he looks like Xeonart. do you think this has anything to do with the momory of xeonart that they mention in the secret movie? cuz mabey seoheroth has a big...
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    where was diz ;) throughout KH1 *spoilers*

    my friend is just like, where was Ansem(Diz) during KH1. so where was Ansem during Kh1???
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    axels original name

    ITS ALEX, the rules for org 13 names is scrambled + x unless theres already and x duh!
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    ya, can you upload to youtube now??? plz i wanna see it:p
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    Sephy strat?

    can anyone provide me with a stratagy to beat sepheroth, ive been tring for days!!! im lvl 62 btw
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    Sora's origin, and KH3 theroy*spoilers*

    ok so i was pondering new KH thoughts and im like, "if castle oblivian only makes worlds from soras memories, then how was twilight town in the castle if twilight town was made in KH2 my ansem?" so hers my theroy, sora came from twilight town when he was very young, and during when Sora was a...
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    Darkside of Worlds? (Spoilers of KH2 ending)

    wow thats the best theroy ive ever heard...ever. heres a hero cookie... ...um i lost it... um heres a cirlce, imagine its a hero cookie o<----hero cookie
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    secret video theroy...again

    ok so if the 3 knights are connected to sora kiari and riku but arnt acually them, then i think its there ancestors. because that would be a reason that they where the chosen ones, mabey the 3 knights where the first to unlock kingdom hearts and within kingdom hearts was the power of the...
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    2nd paradox cup

    ya how?
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    Least Favorite Heartless or Nobody.

    those little feet nobodies, omg there boring