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    Master Form Lv. 6 & 7?

    I think your right because I still dont have Final Form :(
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    Master Form Lv. 6 & 7?

    Thanks for the help guys I'll try leveling up Valor and Wisdom.
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    Master Form Lv. 6 & 7?

    I know there in the game but for some reason I cant gain any more experience in master form past level 5 is there something else I have to do besides collect drive forms to obtain Lv 6 and 7 with master form? Thanks for your help :thumbup:
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    .:*=*Leveled Up Graphics*=*:.

    .:*=*Leveled Up Graphics*=*:. Graphics on a whole new level Level Up Graphics is an organization built to fulfill requests. We are made up of a shop, created to carry out graphics related tasks. We will assign our members graphic requests. To join, just state the following: Program: (No MS...
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    did you know

    Xalechim is boy!? well of course you did it even spells Michael just like organization XIII (thinks about how much of a KH geek he is) well just wanted to mention it because someone thought I was a girl lol...
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    i just bidded on one for ebay. and about the old news thing............i never said it was new? i was just saying its pretty cool
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    has anyone seen one of these my freind bought one off ebay and it looks awsome......seeing how i dont own a gba sp i might buy it what do u guys think
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    Sprites oh ALL KH Series

    ok heres the link that pawns them all http://www.geocities.com/heart_of_all_worlds/enter.html just make sure credit is given
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    Poem at the end of the game

    this is not spam he's looking for help
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    who's YOUR hardest boss

    they all werent pretty hard since i had the guide but id say xaldin because that was the oly time i used king mickey to win. by the way im pretty sure that guy was xigabar in land of dragons and not riku (merely posing as him)
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    Special song downloadable~

    nice song might use it an amv
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    Ansem Retort

    I love ansem retort.......LOVE IT
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    {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/}

    {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/} Looking for a place to hang out where you can post your animation and not get bad cnc well look no further because {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/} is here this place is to post animation and to learn animation. Members .Xalechim. .lionheart516. .Mistshade...
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    Special Boss Battles

    nope just seph unless you consider the hades paradox cup
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    Sprite Haven

    Riku The Law? Sephiroth Rulez made that entire site. I go on it frequently for my anis
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    King Mickey

    i only played once on Xaldin
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    Magna scans

    I have a feeling that not only is this old but im gonna get flamed so please dont say either Please just dont post and get a mod to close it lol. well anyway i foundthis site that lets u read every page of all the kh magnas volume 1 & 2 in excellent quality heres the link magna...
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    Marluxia Song

    so have we confirmed the name of the song or what
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    what actual story are you speaking of?