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    was kingdom hearts 2 a let down compaired to kingdom hearts?

    It was good but I was dissapointed with the cut scenes and wondering which unknown soras gonna strike while hes taking its hood off.
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    Kingdom hearts Fans

    If U have a myspace account send a add request to www.myspace.com/kingdomheartsfanbase so it can be the biggest fan site on myspace!
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    I dont know this is old but Ive been playing kingdom hearts final mix and in ansem report 11 and it says (In opening the door that stores a world's hearts, the wall around that world is broken down. We see this as a shooting star. Through this, I have been able to understand the reason why the...
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    Wouldnt it be cool!!!!!!!!

    If on Kh3 they put The Cast of the bouncer or the world of the bouncer in it because it is also a square Enix game!
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    Axel's Other life (theory)

    who knows maybe you will know in kh3................if there is one lol!
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    For all kingdom hearts pros. help!

    Ok I have gotten my final form 2 days ago and I didnt want to play with it untill I got all my drives to level seven now I do but my final form says next level 20 and Ive been playing with final form all day and it says I got no experience and It wont let me level up. Does anyone know why?
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    Speaking about fenrir who got the fenrir gummi ship I love it!
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    Wouldnt it be cool in kh3

    I think Sora would be Unstopable.
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    Is this objective really necessary?

    Lol yeah you do have your own opinion but all Im saying is dont be going around saying a person needs to be flamed if you dont agree with them I admit it I disagree With destiny mode to but just because I dont agree with that person doesnt mean they need to be flamed because there are lots of...
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    Is this objective really necessary?

    Umm lol just because other people do doesnt mean that you have to do that.
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    Is this objective really necessary?

    Flame On that Person!!!!!!! your the one cussing you need to be flamed, so next time dont go around cussing then saying that you will flame them because you think they were wrong.
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    Map Quiz

    How many of you people use your maps on kingdom hearts 2 To me they are pretty useless.
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    Did u people know......

    That you can switch the command menu from the kh2 one with diffrent worlds on it to the first kingdom hearts one on configure with notthing on it I like it because I still have a little kh1 with me. lol.
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    New Kh3 Character?

    I know someone else posted a thread like this but, I wanna know what you people think about A new female Character coming in the game and falling in love with riku because sora gots kairi and plus I think Rikus girlfriend would be though and funny but thats my opinion what about you guys???????
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    well Normura is talking about making a kh2 final mix eng. and jap, so maybe he will put that in if he does decide to make it.
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    FAQ : Enemy Locations and Item Drops

    Thanx to this I got all my items.. im so happy!
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    What FF characters should have been in KH2!

    Vincent that would be bad!!!!!!!!1
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    For all of you that beat kh2 lol

    wtf????? What does this have to do with anything?
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    For all of you that beat kh2 lol

    Lol I know sora was helping him but they kept showing him help riku and I thought that was a little weird.
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    For all of you that beat kh2 lol

    Did u notice when sora had to help riku walk and he almost holding him from the butt it kept showing sora doing that why did they do that?