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  1. J

    What does a keyblade look like...

    but the keyblade takes shape once it's given a keychain, now the only thing that we're wondering here is what it truly looks like, I doubt Nomura just decided on some random key on his keychain and said, "This'll be the original design just for reference, in case anyone asks." I highly doubt...
  2. J

    What does a keyblade look like...

    I don't believe it can exist w/o a keyblade... thought I don't think Terra's keyblade has a keychain... then again neither does Aqua's and Ven's. Maybe that's why it's so powerful. Hrmm... I really don't know. Xehanort has a keychain though.... hrmm.... Maybe the original forms of Sora, Riku's...
  3. J

    Limit Form: just a thought

    I believe that Sora's new form will not have any really efficient duties to add to the storyline, but it won't be a mocking of the original form...and will still have a reason behind it being there. But in order to really understand this, we'll need more info on the form itself.
  4. J

    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    i vote yeah also, mainly because the game has a lot more changes than when the original Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix was released. So with so much of a difference and a Re:CoM they'll definately bring it out to NA. Cause with this being brought over they'll gain a lot of profit...LOL