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    So, what's gonna happen to Dream Drop Distance now?

    Doesn't even need a remake, just give it that Monster Hunter 3 port job.
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    Is anybody else confused with why Axel is changing sides?

    Wonder if Lea will get a Roxas style wardrobe makeover or will forever be stuck in the black coat.
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    Why E3?!?!

    I still can't believe that of ALL places, Nomura does this at E3. You would easily think that he would save this for TGS, is the western fanbase that equal in size to the japanese fanbase?
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    Mark of Mastery Question

    Yea, but I'm pretty sure this was an extreme exception, no way Yen sid could have expected all this...Kinda messed up he gets penalized. Then again, Nomura is probably saving Sora's graduation for the ending of KH3
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    [SPOILER ALERT!] What do you think will/want to be Retconned in DDD?

    One thing that would be interesting to see Deconstructed is the Darkness of the KH universe. Its not a surprise that most of the main characters are "Light-Bias", and even Master Eraqus was as judgmental to Darkness as you can get. So to have some clarification on what the Darkness and the Light...
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    Lets not complain...we could always get this instead N4fd9uVTTzo
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    Same here....looks good to me.
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    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    I have a hard time seeing the explanation being something which is often related to the (usually western) prison scene in a G rated japanese game.
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    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    Re: How Does Lea Use Axel's Weapon? Agree, IMO we've already been shown this with Sora. His nobody was able to use Sora's keyblade and Ven's, the key here being Ven's, which Sora DID NOT have access to. As soon as he came back and rejoined to allow Sora to become whole again (who technically...
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    [SPOILER] Question/Possible Theory about Unknown

    Not sure if this theory has been brought up, but from what is known so far, is it plausible that the Young Xehanort we saw in this trailer is in fact Unknown who we fight in BBS with the blue energy blades? What supports this is that we know Organization members use weapons that are very...
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    Nomura interview!

    "Learn to use the Keyblade the right way" You mean Sora's sloppy baseball swinging backstreet brawl keyblade techniques are lost forever? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    Damn...and I know we had a couple threads on Xemnas's armor from KH2 looking a little too familiar. Really makes you wonder if Nomura really looks at fan boards and gets ideas. Don't be surprised we get a armored sora as a secret boss in 3DS. And the No heart thing is basically a dead give away...
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    KHBBS FM new scans

    I wonder if this a strong sign that sora and riku will get some kind of armor now
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    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    I'm surprised Riku or sora isn't out for revenge against Maleficent....its her fault everything happened to riku in the first place....
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    Lets discuss this "inexperience"

    Riku replica thought the same thing.....
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    Lets discuss this "inexperience"

    It's not that I'm choosing to ignore this, I know LS is currently better than sora. The point I'm trying to make is LS is NOT terra. In fact, LS BEAT terra AND Xehanort together. At this point, we still don't know what LS is. But its apparent its not Terra, and this entity is indeed stronger...
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    BBS:FM new Armored Knight theory?

    You know, someone in another thread a made a while ago made a great point....This new armored warrior looks STRIKINGLY familiar to Xemnas in his armor form during the kh2 boss battle. Maybe a little Eraqus rubbed off on Xemnas after all
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    Question about TAV capes

    So I know that Nomura said the capes were removed because of the psp hardware and the capes would take too much data space. But my question is: Have the capes been officially retconed? Or are the Capes still canonically present in BBS even though we don't see them?
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    Lets discuss this "inexperience"

    I co-sign this. Even though I take part....I try my best to keep it as friendly as possible, cause in the end, we all are kh fans, and we all want the same thing, to bring XH down for good
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    Lets discuss this "inexperience"

    In the end....like I've said before, I have no malice towards anyone. The reason why this argument can go for so long is because BOTH sides can bring good evidence. Some think Sora is stronger, some think TAV is stronger. I have my own opinions and try to back them up, but in the end, I hope for...