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    DID you see that??

    its one of the nobodies, but this one sure its something youre gonna join to destroy it, also its not only the dragon what are youre gonna fight
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    Question here

    yeah i know that hehe, but the question is, those who show the cutscenes in english version, why they dont show the intro with the english song?
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    Question here

    something been bothering in my mind, if people put some cutscenes of kh2 in english version, why they dont put the intro with the english song? i mean,they have the english version of the game arent they?
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    Who likes sanctuary.....

    well 30 seconds of preview its something but not enough, maybe i should wait until the full song appear, then ill judge if its good or bad, but i like more passion
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    Most hated Boss (well to me)

    well in kh the one i hate the most was sephy and on khCOM was hook, man if it wasnt for the teleport ability i would try to beat him forever
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    Sora Vs Riku

    well it all depends on wich you like, i prefer sora, riku was abrosbed by the darkness, thats like..weak. Also i like the new costume of sora
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    Keyblade ritual?

    but then how riku obtained a keyblade or hold a keyblade if he didint have this awakening
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    NEW drive form

    the shadow form is old news
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    Names of new heartless?

    i love the dog heartless, he looks so cute
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    What animal is Peat?

    pete is a dog, he doesnt have the look of a cat, hes a dog
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    How Sora and Axel are alike

    there realted by the spiky hair they got hehe
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    Digimon Seiyuu in KH2...

    good searching ei, never tought of that
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    owner`s of the 3 keyblades

    ok, so you remember the trailer of the 3 keyblades that appear on the trailer of the secne were the 3 warriors pick them up? ok well maybe some of you doesnt know who were the propers yet but what am i think the keyblade that has some wing on the edge might be ansem`s heyblade, the others two...
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    kh2 for the psp

    it would be too much for that little system
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    Drive form, not like the first 1

    in just in a blink of an eye and you got yourself drive
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    Pic of heartless Sora

    awesome form !!!
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    Roxas voice actor

    who that guy? and, he`s going to make 2 voices? thats impressive
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    the meaning behind the costmes *possible spoiler/thery*

    wow, that makes sense, too much, man i admire your theory, but i dont know that would be true, how about wait until the game comes so that we can see it all?
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    Official release date

    how cool, march 2nd, i can wait that long
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    Debate on KH2 Spoilers

    maybe its some n00b who doesnt know how does it work about this kind of things, but t he punishment should be by closing his/her thread