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    So what do y'all think we're going to be getting, if anything, frm gs this year. hoping to atleast see a new KH3 trailer in that sony stream later tonight.
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    Which are you more excited for?

    BBs on ps3, since BBS is my favorit in the series and it will be cool to have beter control with 2 analog sticks now.
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    What's something you wish had made it into the HD collection that wasn't there?

    Re: What's something you wish had made it into the hd collection that wasn't there? Having KH2/Coded/3d/BBS would have been cool so i wouldnt have to buy 2 games (and I blieve an eventual 3d port) for an HD collection, lol. ut I would of liked for a new secret episode type thing like was in bbsfm
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    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    Yeah non stack trophies suck, the worst was Hitman blood money which requires like 5 playthroughs minimum.
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    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    I thought most of the ddd figghts were easy cause of flomotion
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    Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- confirmed for Gamescom 2014

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX confirmed for Gamescom 2014 Im still hoping for more KH3 news, its probably not gonna happen at gamescom but I can still hope.
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    What if Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort did appear in DDD?

    His "self" may have remained inside much like the way Terra and Master Xehanort had the conversation inside terranort, his consciousness could have remained like this for the entire lifetime of terranort, making bbs still in his "youth"
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    Xehanort's Guardian

    I think it's Eraqus because the guardian is trying to protect Ansem wich is Terras heart taken over by xeanort, and Eraqus is a charachter that would want to protect Terra's heart.
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    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    Yeah definantly Chernabog was my favorite in KH 1, and no one asked but least favorite disney fight was Clayton
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    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    Im excited for these trophies. Finaly I'll have a virtual medal for the things I'd wind up doing anyways out of completionism, lol.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Release Date + Trailer!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date + Trailer! Maybe they will pack it in with kh 3 like re:coded was packed in with Kh 2 final mix
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    Light v dark

    So the 13 darknesses and 7 lights IS the real way to create the X-Blade Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Part 1 (English subtitles) - YouTube about 1 min in.
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    Light v dark

    Roxas is now forever part of Sora, I believe so anyways, as he showed Sora all of his memories, and Terra is still under xehanorts control, so neither of them are one of the 7
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    Didnt even think of that, good point bigbadcloud
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    The real question is how do you change a heart to a xehanort heart? Is this done through kh, which was xemnas real purpose of creating one?
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    Light v dark

    There could be more than one way to forge the x-blade. If the x-blade was connected to Kingdom hearts, then by recreating the original KH using the 7 princesses you may also recreate the x-blade in the process.
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    Light v dark

    Curse you nomura and your confusing plot line! whatever happned to a boy just wanting to find his friends, lol.
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    Light v dark

    Thats what the subs say, but the xblade is really confusing, lol. Before we thought it was 1 pure light and one pure dark to make it now were up to 20 things needed
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    Light v dark

    the subs show that the seven lights, and seven princesses are different. The seven princesses are the hearts of pure light that recreated the world. The seven light Im reffering to are the seven that yen sid must fight the 13 darknesses, and he clearly states only seven, and only 13, so terra...
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    Light v dark

    I assumed that was a flashback. And vanitas I think should be on the team xehanort list, he'll be back