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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    ... I love how Mickey refers to TAV as "Those Guys". what a lazy asshole. he didn't even bother saying their names! lol I am pumped now for what will come next. but looking back at how long it took projects like KH2 and BBS, I'll be like a softmoure in college before its f**king released!!!
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    ok, I FINALLY found a subbed version that worked... so AtW survives after KHII, meets Aqua, and tells her who the current Keyblade Master is. then they show Namine and RAX, to symbolize who is connected to Sora, correct? that's what I took away from it. so basically this sets up KH3, the most...
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread I'm currently making a spoof clip of when Terra turns on his armor when he leaves LoD, and putting the audio for "It's Morphin Time!" another member and I had laughed at the thought before BBS that if that was how they turned their armor on...
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    Theory regarding Braig and Ventus (Slight Spoilers?)

    ffffuuu STOP RIGHT THERE facepalm has everyone forgotten the key fact- that Nobidies CAN NOT FEEL anyway, @ the OP, I like the idea, but I'm not completely sold.
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    .05 second Scene in Trailer

    I just kinda stopped and laughed at that remark... Dogwut that could have been worded soo much better! not that I care, just thought it was funny.
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    How ventus is related to roxas

    sounds like a workable idea. maybe this'll all connect wiht what will happen after KHII
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    Vanitas's face a familier one after all?

    ok, this BY FAR is the most F**ked up thing I have ever thought of, and is most likely not true, but I'll know I had the balls to post it: I got to thinking after watching the trailer, and seeing the clip of Vanitas's helmet coming off, I said "who do I know with Black brows, and Eyelashes that...
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    wait. what? malificent?

    Re: Armor Theory +10,000 pure fucking genius, my friend. I don't know why, but I can picture that in my head... well, the PRs were made in japan, and I'm sure Nomura will throw some kind of PR reference in KH SOMEWHERE... lol
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    Terra gets baddass blade back in-game.

    yes, I saw that. VERY excited. notice that he is making the same pose LS makes when he first appears.
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    I would think so. I wonder why Soul Eater would be there... I never knew if we actually know Maleficent created Soul Eater and gave it to Riku... possible that Maleficent acquired it during BBS, or something along those lines... oh well, we'll find out in just about 4 weeks time!
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    so did anyone notice soul eater and KK in this pic in the bottom right?: you can CLEARLY see soul eater, but its just a tad bit harder to see KK I think the KK has to do with Ven's awakening. sorry if it was mentioned. don't have time to read 39 pages.
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    Even more HQ BbS screenshots.

    rofl at your sig akio! thanks for the couple of new pics!
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    Keychains of BBS

    No, it is because Nomura decided to break his lazy streak and slop together some new chains for them, along with some new keyblade redesigns for Terra... I effing hate him for doing that. I mean it isn't horrid looking its just the old one kicked so much 455!
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    what are the old org members doing?

    I do wonder though why the SAR fails to mention TAV. It talks about meeting Mickey and seeing his keyblade... (though one explanation is Nomura hadn't thought of BBS yet). I assume TAV interacts with ATW in some way if they are fighting Braig and the others...
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    I spy Braig

    man, what happened to Terra's 3 pronged design blade, with different guard? It better be a uograde or something like that. That new one looks retarded!!
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    Playable Armor in BBS?

    it is looking like the board game's "Enhancements" upgrade your armor/keyblade, which explains why both Terra's and Aqua's Keyblades are in different forms in several of the screenshots. I think in the new level with Stich, he has to wear his armor (since it is space, after all) for obvious...
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    Reverse/Rebirth Unversed/Unbirth

    I like this you know, Unverses, so far from what we see in the screenshots and videos, have been things like Cinderella's coach, Sleeping Beauty's Sowing Machine, and other various objects, along with the normal form of creatures and monsters. you may have something there. Memories are...
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    Larxene is sick!!!

    she seems like the type that would be shit out of luck if she got pregnant.
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    mickey keyblade master theory?? and some questions..

    I could argue on this one lol ;)
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    Keyblade summoning

    wow, the repetitive-ness of the BBS-related questions/speculation really is annoying me.... at least talk about something new, people!