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    NA 358/2 Days Site

    Meh i knew it. Oh well, thanks for letting me know
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    NA 358/2 Days Site

    So I was looking around a found that a 358/2 Days site for North America was up! All it has though are a few old pictures and a 'Coming Soon' at the bottom so nothing really important. Just thought i'd let everyone know. Anyways if this is already REALLY old news than forgive me, im not too up...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in America thread. Awesome!! Can't wait to play it. :D
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    Xion=Unbirth Theory not as Farfetched as it Sounds

    ^^ Yeah she just summed up the flaw with your theory. It makes the most sense that they were man made (most likely by Xehanort) and then stopped existing when MX lost his memories and could no longer create them.
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    Jump Festa Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer Breakdown

    Wow great thoughts. I agree with what Ven is losing is his memories. If you can I would love to read a Coded one. Good work!
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    Unbirths: Not the result of humans?

    I agree, kind of like a sum up of previous thoughts. But still I kinda like it.
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    are you still going to enjoy it

    Hmmmm didn't know that. Well then maybe that makes it Xemnas then since he has a similar build to Xehanort's Heartless. At least from what I can tell. Could explain why Mickey gets defensive and whips out his Keyblade.
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    are you still going to enjoy it

    But I don't think that's where Riku's story would end. Based off the screenshot of Mickey meeting the man in the Org cloak in the Twilight Town woods, its possible that he could be Riku. And since Riku didn't change his appearence into Xehanort's Heartless until the Roxas fight, Riku's possible...
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    Well seeing as KH2 came out in Japan in December 05, then we got it in March 06, about three or four months. Should take much longer than that. And I don't think three weeks is enough time to do all the translating and stuff lol.
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    are you still going to enjoy it

    IF we do have a Riku scenario then maybe we end up playing both sides. That would be awesome. And I would still enjoy the game despite knowing the ending. Multiplayer should make it fun.
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    Why is there no Shion's/Xion's data?

    Well he probably hadn't thought of her yet, but in terms of the plot since I don't think she was really fully a part of Organization XIII, they probably didn't make anything for Xion. (Grave or Data). Just a guess, but the first seems the most likely.
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    just to clear up xion/aqua/kairi/nobody

    Well it was already explained, the only way she could produce a Nobody was through Sora. So since the rest of the PoH have no darkness in they're hearts, its not possible for them to create Nobodys.
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    Sentiments of BBS

    I also like the Awakening sequences, but I don't really see them happening in BBS. This is just because so far we have only seen VAT with "false" or "trainer" keyblades. If the SE does take place at the end of BBS, then we wont see an Awakening for VAT. Because they all have the apprentice...
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    Who will they meet in BBS?

    From what I recall it was something along the lines of "To break the spell you must learn to love another and be loved in return before the last petal of the rose falls." I think its something like that.
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    Party Members in BBS?

    I think there will be a few party members to help, but not one for each world.
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    new name for unbirths

    I think Unbirth sounds fine. Really no need to change it.
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    Read the other posts above. It's not Hollow Bastion. But the whole someone from BBS took Sora there is sort of random.
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    thoughts on R/R in 358/2 days...

    I think it could happen. Would explain some more stuff we might not have known about Riku during that time. Riku as playable would be cool too so I think its possible.
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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Hey this is a good idea. It'd be a little confusing, but if a few were to come out at a time I think that would be cool. Dragoons would be neat to battle alongside.
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    Ive been thinking.... do you think?

    I don't believe they will look exactly alike but I think they will possibly have stong resemblances that you can tell them apart.