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    my screen goes black -deep jungle landing

    hmm... the same thing happened to me right after I beat the deep jungle.. the screen went black and wouldn't come back on..I took out the disk, wiped it a little, and it worked. On other occasions I blew lightly on the lens in the PS2; gets the dust and crap offa it :)
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    'Proud' Mode?..

    you mean expert mode?? thats all proud mode is???
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    'Proud' Mode?..

    I've played through KH2, beat it, and I've never heard anything about this proud mode until I made an account on here. What is proud mode and how do you get to it??
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion I was thinking the same about the meaning behind the 358, but I'm slightly confused on the /2 just as said. I'm leaning more towards Sora and Roxas rather than Roxas and Namine though...ehh; i dunno..:confused:
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion geez, I hate having all this anticipation and excitement over playing a game, and we don't even know when the release date is.. this is terrible
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    mystery goo

    White Mushrooms are by Jane's tent, the lotus Forest, the Red Room in Traverse Town Hotel, the Treasure Room in the Cave of Wonders, and I think I remember seeing them on the deck of Captain Hook's ship..Rare Truffles I've seen in the Throat in Monstro.. Black Fungus in Curly Hill in...
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    KH Calendar

    A Kingdom Hearts Japanese calendar for 2008 was advertised very shortly on the KHInsider homepage. Does anyone know where one can be purchased?? Or is there any other KH calendars available?:confused: I'm in a rush for one for Christmas, so help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    How do I post in Forums???

    I'm new here..I've already created some replies to posts..but I figured I should introuduce myself.. In the forums, I have no idea how to post a question of my own, so I need some help with that. Would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    birth by sleep to US

    I just found out Crisis Core is coming out sometime early/mid-2008!:thumbsup: I dont know about Coded, but 358/2 is coming out for DS, and Birth by sleep for PSP. The dates on both games are to be announced, but it is confirmed in the December issue of GameInformer that both games ARE coming...
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    Is it possiable to get to much King Mickey?

    the only time he ever showed up was for Xaldin. All the other times you mentioned he left me cold.:confused:
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    Demyx(2nd battle)(I feel hopeless)

    This fight is basically identical to the previous one. Start out by defeating the 50 forms in 40 seconds. Use the Reaction Command as much as possible. After you destroy all of the clones, Demyx presents himself as an opponent. He prefers to fight with water geysers and pressured rain. To avoid...
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    No, you can't turn into it whenever you want unfortunately. It happens whenever you use a drive frequently.
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    Ok.. at the start of the battle press triangle to parry his attack. What I used was Ultima Weapon, and Second Chance and Once More abilities are a must. Whenever he jumps into the air out of sight and raises his arm, use aerial dodge and hit him with the keyblade before he has time to cast Sin...