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    The Good Old Days

    I remember when i believed that Vincent was in it...and i yelled at people who thought Yuna and Tifa were gonna be in it...i was wrong lol
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    American Secret Ending

    lol all the people in secret ending have never been seen in a KH. Nomura has stated that and he said that he drew the faces of the three knights liek a month ago. So those three are different characters. Still AWSOME Secret Edning
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    I have to say im also very dissapointed in the guide. Its basically pretty pictures. It doesnt tell you where you have to go what you have to do. It gives a description and then it shows the bosses of that world. Also when i was looking for certain items the maps dont have all the treasure...
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    secret ending for KH2 spoilers!

    First does anyone know what the Secret Edning is being called? Like how the KH Secret Ending was Deep Dive.... Actually Normua has stated a few things about secret ending. 1.) Every single character in the Secret Ending is a new one and has yet to be mentioned. 2.) He recently drew the faces...