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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (**SPOILERS**)

    Ha, I didn't see that. I don't pay very much attention.
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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (**SPOILERS**)

    He was responding to a previous post about the scene where Terra is talking to Riku. Since it was in Japanese, the poster couldn't understand what he was saying. heartlessfang was clarifying what was said in the scene.
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Just gives me a 404 Not Found error on each one. Ha.
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: KH2 Novel Translations - Official Thread Glad you got a copy. I like helping people (to an extent) so it was no problem to offer. I've got the entire Office package. It's useful (until someone installs Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage on your computer and says it's not a legitimate copy...
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation What version of Microsoft Word is it? If it's the one before 2007 (2003 I think, the one made for XP), I can give you my CD Key from my copy. I bought it one year out of boredom and so far have shared it with my entire school (until they got 2007...
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    Possibility of KH:BBS Bundle may or may not happen.

    That would be great. I really want to play Coded and our phones suck too much to play it. As much as I love mine, I think that even the iPhone isn't powerful enough to play it. Just gotta wait and see.
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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    I swear if they cut out or change scenes to achieve a E 10+ I'm gonna shun my English copy... Then pick it back up an apologize.
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    Possibility of KH:BBS Bundle may or may not happen.

    Hell, I bought a PSP just for Birth by Sleep (I also ordered my copy and it shipped yesterday! Can't freaking wait, gonna be a masterpiece!) but if they have a limited edition bundle, my parents may just be out of another 200-300 dollars. Either way, I'll have both the Japanese version (which is...
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    They should have added a Sephiroth fight

    Are... are you agreeing with me or being sarcastic? It's hard to tell on the internet.
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    They should have added a Sephiroth fight

    I know a great mini-game! Finding out why "Marluxia" is pounced as "Marlushia"! WTF JAPANESE PEOPLE?
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    If you could change the story of CoM every so slightly

    Why couldn't they have the same team for all of them? They really screwed up the story in II...
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    If you could change the story of CoM every so slightly

    Wait, explain to me which jap bastards wrote each game.
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    Poor Namine.

    -Meaghan is making a guest appearance on the hit TV show House (it's the Christmas episode, so it will air in a few months). -She is also going to be a voice on the new Disney video game "Kingdom Hearts 3" -She will be in Milwaukee, WI on November 8th ::EDIT:: this is not at a hockey game... she...
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    The rebirth of .hack//fragment

    Okay, well I was looking at .hack//fragment videos on YouTube, and I came across one that really caught my attention. It was about a translation of fragment and opening up new servers for English speaking people. I immediately clicked on the link on the video to the site. When I saw it I almost...
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    Have you beat CoM?

    Sí y sí. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories parece impresionante
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    .hack//G.U. TRILOGY

    I just saw this and I have to say, wow. It was a great movie. Some of it pissed me off (such as the absence of Cubia and Zelkova and the way the remixed some of it) but all in all it was a great movie. Anyone else see it or is interested in seeing it?
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    AdventureQuest Worlds

    Anyone else playing the beta for this game? I think this game is awesome already! I can't wait to see what Artix and the others do with it.
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    Utada Hikaru's Passion Reversed-A Whole New Song?

    I REMEMBER THAT! It was before I signed up. I remember I almost signed up then to flame the flamers but then remembered that this is the internet. And I'm not a mythical race from Norse mythology...
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    WTF!!??!?!?!? at Kingdom Hearts Insider

    What is with the stupid red site warning from my McAfee SiteAdvisor?! And what the f@#$ was with the f@#$ing trojan that this site just downloaded on my computer twice?! What the f@#$ are you people trying to pull?!
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    Dream a little Dream - Unbirth theory

    Wow o.O That theory actually made me log in to say how great this theory is! I know it probably doesn't mean much coming from a lowly member with no rep and under 100 posts but seriously, this thing is awesome! I mean yeah, it has a few holes but only a few. This is actually the only theory that...