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    Utada Hikaru -- New Song: Kiss & Cry

    Kiss & Cry, new song by Utada Hikaru. Is being used to promote Nissin's Cup Noodle Freedom Project. This is just a radio rip, so the quality is only 128kbps. Some parts sound like Hotel Lobby from Exodus. :thumbsup: MediaFire Sendspace Sendspace Any other mirrors will be appreciated.
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    Utada and Kaz got divorced!

    Like the title says, Utada Hikaru and Kazuaki Kiriya (Kaz), got divorced. I guess the only bad thing would be no more nice looking PVs and CD jackets. ._. http://www.u3music.com/message/index.php?m=1&l=JP&d=2007030312006j.xml Translation courtesy of Nuuk from hikki.blogspot.com: (Hopefully...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? (not sure if anyone said this yet...) Sora's dad maybe? xD It's always a possibility.
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    Music for Passion (Orchastrated version)

    Well, Eclipse said something about putting a midi file through some sorta music thingy and then you'll get the piano sheets. Maybe you can ask him about it.
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    Kh2 Soundtrack

    It isn't out yet. And it probably won't be out for another 3-4 months.
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    Special song downloadable~

    Thanks Xaldin, I'll be making some mirrors too. EDIT: YSI SS MU
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    passion remix?

    It has to be fanmade cause maybe, no official remixer/company ever made a remix for Passion.
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    Well, the KH1 OST came out 6 months after the game, so we can expect the same with the KH2 OST. So that's 4 more months to go! xD
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    V_V Sorry man. WMP isn't wanting to rip it off. <.< I'll try again tomorrow.
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    simple and clean planitb remix full version

    If you still need it, I can try ripping it from my CD later today.
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    does anyone know where to find sanctuary after the battle

    But isn't he/she looking for Sanctuary ~ATB~ and not Passion ~ATB~? Cause that's what you guys are linking him/her to.
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    >_< Can't wait till you update True. That last chappy was great. And for a second there, I thought 'A' was 'Ansem' from KH1.
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    Sanctuary vs Passion

    Hmm... Sanctuary + 2 more months = Uber good song? Desparate KH fans + 2 more months of waiting = Angry mob? It all depends if we could wait or not. But I voted both. ^_^
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    lol sanctuary is hard to dance to.

    Most surprising moment for me was to find out that Roxas and co. had homework. xD
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    OMFG!!! PLEASE Help!!! Final Form

    I don't think you need to max out your forms to get Final (cause I sure didn't xD). But just make sure every time you drive, your Drive Bar is 5 or more. Cause Final takes 5 bars and I think if you don't have the 5 bars needed you can't get Final.
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    Why couldn't we just have the same commercial the Japanese got? Except S-E just switch Passion out with Sanctuary. Cause the JP CM was way better (IMO) than the NA CM; and it wouldn't have shown any real harsh spoilers.
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    But you don't really know that until you play.
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    After seeing the commercial on TV just a few minutes ago, the CM does suck. ._. It really was short, and everything flashed by too fast. <.< And they chose a bad part of Sanctuary to put in, should've used the 'My heart's a battleground' part.
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    :eek: Wow, fantastic update! Can't wait till the next one.
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    Hehe, I'm a new fan and your fanfic is really great! :D I hope you get better T_S. :o