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    what I don't understand about aqua in the RoD is how she didn't really age at all in the 10 years she was there. so what ffdgh said about the normal flow of time in the RoD may be true. maybe people don't age in darkness.
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    Just a question.

    maybe he made up xemnas' being...? That would be the icing on the cake for the kh series.
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    Two fun heart-related questions

    im not sure I can answer your questions, but for the first one: I don't think Terranort can wield a keyblade because a) he submitted to darkness b) he forgot how to I find it kinda ironic how he harvests 3 hearts, then loses all of them all at once and becomes the nobody we know and love as...
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    Re: Silver Headed Male hmmmm... that makes sense. but I doubt nomura would delve further back into kh history until another installment is made, which should take a few years. so for now, keep that theory stored in the back of your head to possible bring back. ...cuz I know I am...:3
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    BBS #1 in japan sales! beats Mario!!!

    woah. when a kh game beats a legit ff AND a mario game, you know it's earned a serious reputation and popularity. ...I can only imagine the NA sales now... I've also noticed that over the years, more and more people from my classes have commented on my kh shirts or necklaces, as apposed to...
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    The Destati Voice

    could possibly have something to do with the keyblade wars. maybe, not sure. and, i know this sounds crazy... but did it sound like Yen Sid? Cuz we still don't know a lot about him, and there is a slight possibility. but I doubt it. OR IT COULD BE OZ BEHIND THE CURTAIN! :O
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    BbS Sells 446k In First Week

    Re: BbS Sells Over 500k in Two Days so, now it's 500k/2 Days? *shot* Damn. can't wait for the NA release.
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    high quality vanitas pics and hq xblade

    Re: high quality vanitas pics nice catch! i think vanitas is officially my favorite character (besides axel) i love how in the second panel he's like "um, wut?"
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    ON YOUTUBE. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -Offical intro Movie- most of it is just clips from what we've seen, but it's still awesome. Great, all I kept saying to myself while watching this video was "DON'T WATCH IT. DON'T WATCH IT. " over and over again. I'm never gonna be able to...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: VA Discussion Thread ah, c'mon square. unless you've got some other awesome VA to pull from your hat, i'm disappointed about how you missed the perfect opportunity to use crispin. but enough complaining. lolz to the "ledouche" comment. even better retaliation with the crispin comment...
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    connections from a standpoint

    I see the similarity. Not to mention, if he became xehanort, his hair would have 10 years to grow to become xemnas' hair. @ Ven's Soul: Hair aside, I truly believe that terra becomes xehanort, but there are already multiple posts that have more than just hair connections in their support...
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    A 1GB memory stick - is that good?

    its a good thing I asked for a 2 gb memory card for christmas this year. I can't even imagine erasing my dissidia, crisis core, AND original ff7 files just to fit this game onto my old 1 gb memory card. ...then again, I reeeeeaally want this game...
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    KH 2009 hours played

    jeez... that's about 43 DAYS out of the year. that's how committed KH fans are! Does anyone have the list of "average playing times" for each game, so we could compare the 2 sets of data?
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    Castle Oblivion is Land of Departure!

    this makes a lot of sense! that would also explain how aqua was outside of CO in the trailer! thx for the post, and nice theory!
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    (new bbs trailer) aqua in dark meridian

    well, your right. the real question is why is she there? Any theories? I think we should leave this one be, so the game can answer it for us.
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    Vanitas Theory

    not sure :/ maybe if he was talking to terra, MX meant to compare their darkness or something like that. ...or he could have just been trying to find Vanitas a playmate. :)
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    Vanitas Theory

    personally, I don't wanna learn who Vanitas is until the game is released to NA, but I have a theory. No, it's not the whole "terra's unversed" or "riku's older brother" or anything like that, but something like a new character. we're not exactly sure on Master Eraqus' background, but we know...
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    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    that's a good way to look at it. originally, when I thought about terra being xehanort, I figured it seemed "right" for Nomura to do. And if he were to go there, this series would sky-rocket to standards even higher than some Final fantasies. The only thing I'm uneasy about is how easily we...
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    Kh 358/2days memory scene

    yup, pretty much... we're really not sure exactly wtf happened there.. we just except it. ^_^
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    ...Is no one hyped anymore? :( I'm still determined to get this game as soon as it comes to NA (im not gonna spoil myself from the JP release), and I really do want to see the new worlds, characters, and stories. Not to mention I want my questions answered and my mind pretty satisfied. I just...