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    News ► Famitsu Details on KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX!

    Oh thank god, after having played the later Kingdom Hearts games where you can skip cut scenes and then recently going back to play Kingdom Hearts, I forgot how painful it is to watch the same scene over and over again each time you die - especially when battling Riku. Celebration time because I...
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    Ven's Story! Boss Fight Help?

    haha yeah, just figured that :S :) thanks though!
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    Ven's Story! Boss Fight Help?

    Im in-between Olympus Coliseum and Deep Space, where you fight the heartless on your journey, i'm completely stuck! tips etc? thanks haha!
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    Little Rant: Loading Times

    The load times with the 600mb aren't that bad, i think it was only 12ish turns of the heart before each cutscene. From the reviews, i was expecting alot worse!
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    Boss Help? - Coliseum [Terra]

    Master Eraqus is killing the heck out of me! I'm level 25, what should i be at?
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    Boss Help? - Coliseum [Terra]

    7ish hours at the Coliseum, I'm fighting Eraqus now, and i'm just about to hit ten! :)
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    Boss Help? - Coliseum [Terra]

    Don't worry! I've done it :D
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    Boss Help? - Coliseum [Terra]

    Yey thanks! :) Now i'm stuck on Zack Part Two - how do i avoid his main attack where he swifts around you in the air,
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    Boss Help? - Coliseum [Terra]

    I'm playing the Ten Round timed challenged in the Coliseum, and i can't pass round 5 XD Any tips! Thanks!
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    Australian Street Date broken by GameTraders

    Now i'm really glad i didn't pre order! thats really bad D;
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    Australian Street Date broken by GameTraders

    Yeah, i remember GameTraders being very strict with 358 Days release...
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    Australian Street Date broken by GameTraders

    Haha! I know, i was so excited to walk into my local store on monday and see it! I had a fit! Yey Gametraders!
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    Is/Will there be any diference between the UK and US versions of Birth By Sleep?

    The Art Book Comes With The Special Addition I Think.
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    Is/Will there be any diference between the UK and US versions of Birth By Sleep?

    They should be exactly the same, the only difference is that one is brought in Europe, and one is brought in America :) I'm so excited, 11 Days for me
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    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    I brought a PSP just for Birth By Sleep And its amazing. much better then my DS. I can do so much more then i can on my ds, compared to my psp - Ds is very cheap, and is just all about touch screens, the quality of the psp games i have are awesome and amazing. And BBS is going to be so much...
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    Only one month (and a day!)

    One month at 3 days for me! Sucks to live in Australia.... XD
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    Pre-order + info and release date?

    Noway is that date real, its obviously just an estimate - The 3DS isn't released until next year! So it wouldn't make sense to start releasing 3DS Games before the console is released, and Re:Coded is due out first, so that is what everyone would be working on :)
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    Something I fear for in ReCoded

    They are definitely going to have to add in major changes if this game is going to work :) But the Kingdom Hearts Games are already so beautifully made I'm sure they'll make it work! Well.. they better >:D
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    is 358/2 days worth getting?

    Re: is 365/2 days worth getting? Its fun, i enjoyed it, it'll be good to tide you over until Birth By Sleep comes out. No it isn't really anything relevant, but you do find out alot more about what was happening in the Organization between COM and KH2 :)
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    Sora Saving the Old Masters

    I agree! there is actually not many RPG girl characters that actually play large rolls in there game/series!