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    Atlantica and Pirates of the Carribean

    No i'm now taling about pirates of the carribean.
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    Atlantica and Pirates of the Carribean

    Thanks but I still cant get out of this.......I'm now at level 21 and still no liuck...I loose time or I die......I cant get passed it....and i'm so pissed because I have been stuck on this for two days....please someone help!
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    Atlantica and Pirates of the Carribean

    Atlantica - I'm really confused on Atlantica. Where do I go after doing that first musicle. Pirates of the carribean - What level should I be on Pirate of the Carribean. (I'm at 20....that's bad) - There is a cutscene where Will falls in the water....You have to blow up the ship how many...
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    Just wanted to know if Amazon.com is worth getting kh2 Pre-Order from them. It's just that I dont really trust them because there date still says april.
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    new rating

    She gave proof it's on kh-2.net
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    kh2 release thread

    See mods I told you that the date would be confirnmed and you closed my topic yesterday.......see what I mean about closing release topics.
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    Something you willl all want to hear....and it's proof

    Yes here is another realease topic but look at this...To see more on this and the artical click here....... http://www.kh-2.net/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1139344561&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&& Zach Braff, James Woods, Haley Joel Osment and Mena Suvari will lend their voices to...
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    KH2 Release Date

    Yeah....Everyone just calm down.......I know it's really annyoing when people keep posting threads about this but everyone is waiting so long for KH2 so there will always be posts about this because they will think it's real.
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    Formation Arts Vol #1

    Sorry if this was already posted in the forums. But if not enjoy. From KHU. In the latest issue of Game Informer it was revealed that Diamond Comics will be importing the first volume of Kingdom Hearts - Formation Arts figures for sale in North America. This is exciting news for those who...
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    Update from 1up.com but again

    Yes 1up.com has updated again. Two days ago it was pictures and videos now it's cheat codes. These tell you where the kayblades are located..... http://www.1up.com/do/gameCheats?cId=2017814&did=1
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    KH2 in Europe!

    Read this 1.. The official site said Spring 2006 2.. NA would get it before UK/Europe 3.. That company is not square enix....so it's not confirmed 4.. No release topics.
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    Advent children and KH2

    Darckcloud you are wrong......the US version of it hasn't came out yet.
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    Just Wondering

    hmmm seems interesting. I never seen it.
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    Advent children and KH2

    I mean US
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    Advent children and KH2

    I was thinking that maybe they may have a trailer or something on KH2. Does anyone know if there wll be a trailer on FF Advent children about KH2? Also does anyone know when FF Advent Children comes out? I heard January 10, 2006.
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    new pics and old ones

    These pics are when Sora is figting......some drives are on here. http://translate.google.com/translate?sourceid=navclient-menuext&hl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ejp%2Eplaystation%2Ecom%2Fpsworld%2Fgame%2Ffeatures%2F051216%2Fchara%2Ehtml
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    new pics and old ones

    I right clicked on the site and some things translated to english. http://translate.google.com/translate?sourceid=navclient-menuext&hl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ejp%2Eplaystation%2Ecom%2Fpsworld%2Fgame%2Ffeatures%2F051216%2Fchara%2Ehtml
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    new pics and old ones

    Here are some pics on kh2....they are old and some look new as well. http://www.jp.playstation.com/psworld/game/features/051216/chara.html