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  1. Essence of Elegy

    It's been 4 years...

    Four years since I was active on these forums. I dropped by once in 2011, but that didn't last. God, so much has changed. A lot of the people I knew on here seem to have moved on, but a lot of them have stayed this whole time. Shout out Ordeith, who last I recall is an amazing writer, and...
  2. Essence of Elegy

    So how bad was/is your education?

    I mean, if you live in the U.S. and are part of the wave of failing academics that seems to sweeping the country. Were you ever in a scenario where you knew the teacher just didn't know what they were talking about, or was just really bad at teaching? I've always been a good student, but I'm...
  3. Essence of Elegy

    rust breaker - challenge to anyone

    Wow, people, roleplaying has changed since I left on my two-year hiatus. But I'm looking to get back into this thing. Any takers wanna help me break my rust?
  4. Essence of Elegy


    I am new to this forum, simply because this forum is new to me. So many new people, new boards, a new atmosphere etc. I am also not new to this forum, as you may be able to tell; I am a veteran returned after a two year hiatus (or something like that). God those were the days... So I'm back...
  5. Essence of Elegy

    The Cyan Sages: Awakening

    The five Sages stood upon a rocky crag overlooking the city of Valorus, with Damien at Rhalla. The carnival had come to town, which made the port city and its sister city Rhalla the most visited place in history today. Anyone of any kind of importance who was not attending the carnival here or...
  6. Essence of Elegy

    Xeronia (Original Work)

  7. Essence of Elegy

    The Cyan Sages: Awakening (OOC/Signups)

    The Legacy Within the core of the world of Oracknus slumbers the Olden Beast, a monstrosity of terrifying power, which flattened cities, toppled mountains, and burned forests to the ground. Banished and chained to the world’s center by the Seven Sages, the Olden Beast sleeps deeply, dreaming...
  8. Essence of Elegy


    a lot's changed since I was here like two years ago. how's things everybody?
  9. Essence of Elegy

    The "New Posts" button should come with a filter

    So that I may consequentially avoid all the KH and Fanclub garbage.
  10. Essence of Elegy


    What if your conscience was much more than the scales of right and wrong? What if it transcended the very capacity of mortal mind itself? What if it were to speak, and suddenly take control? This is the world of: Doppelgangers In the metropolis world of Retalia, humans live constantly with...
  11. Essence of Elegy

    Help/Support ► Looking for Colleges with both Game Design/Animation and Creative Writing

    Wow, your plan sounds exactly like mine. Yeah, Columbia might be your primary choice. Full Sail doesn't really have anything for creative writing, last I checked.
  12. Essence of Elegy

    Monstro:most confusing thing ever?

    Well there's a Dodge Roll in FM, but only Japan has that luxury. Deep Jungle was easy for the most part, except maybe the hippos.
  13. Essence of Elegy

    Monstro:most confusing thing ever?

    Cuz KHII posed absolutely no challenge whatsoever. Hence we have the KHII Fanpit.
  14. Essence of Elegy

    Iru Tengoku

    Kizukuro had a fond appeal to storms. The day--if it could be deemed part of day-- was gray and dull, dour as his eyes, and the silhouettes of the trees were impeded by a heavy patter of rain, tenacious rain that sunk into the grass and stony earth of the huge clearing. Storms comforted...
  15. Essence of Elegy

    Iru Tengoku: Dead Heavens (Naruto RP - OOC/Sign-ups)

    They would seek to destroy us...they who see the sky for what they wish it were... IRU TENGOKU Dead Heavens Fifty years after the fall of Akatsuki and the banishing of the Tailed Beasts, a war ravaged the land over the conquest of the Land of Fire, triggered by the death of the Sixth Hokage...
  16. Essence of Elegy

    Lit ► George Martin

    Anyone around here into George Martin? He's like Robert Jordan's counterpart. His books are amazing, even if they are really explicit. I'm into Book 2 of A Song of Ice and Fire right now.
  17. Essence of Elegy

    Ship captain rescued by U.S. Navy from Somali pirates

    Hostage captain rescued; Navy snipers kill 3 pirates - CNN.com Snipers picked 'em off like deer.
  18. Essence of Elegy


    I could type a lot, but I'm way too tired. I'm back after some tight situations in my life. Won't be on here as much. Maybe a few posts, perhaps an RP. (As of now, I'm startin with a clean slate.) What's new? I see some name changes. Umbiquitous Apparatus??
  19. Essence of Elegy

    A Forgotten Challenge (@MASTER-SEPHIROTH)

    A long time ago I promised you a battle. Here we go now. You pick the location. ====================================== Name: Darios of Misery Age: 30 Race: Raeynian human Sex: Male Appearance <----click(pic not by me): Height: 6’0 Weight: 150 lbs Build/Dexterity: Strong, yet nimble...
  20. Essence of Elegy

    that's just beautiful