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    Help/Support ► Car vs PSP

    THERE'S A CAR THAT COST $200!! : But if your just talking about getting a license you can buy both, but if i was you, forget a firetucking psp you can get that any time!! And another thing that might help you decide: can you drive and get to places with a psp? edit:sorry X( really bad at...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 Trailer

    umm this game is going to be weird X(!! serioulsy you can already tell by the whole "raining sora" situation ...but it sounds interesting i cant wait form the game to come out it....
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    I'M BACK And BETTER THAN EVER!!(not that any one remembers me or cares)

    Well this is my retrun to Khi!!! And i really doubt that any one remebers me or cares about this ,so i just like to re introduce myslef!! It's been a year since i have been here (thanks to the virus that COMPLETELY shut down my computer XP)And thats about all really i have to say.....
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    Your lowest level

    i think my lowest level was 44-47
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    Xion's "placement"

    i f you were to think about it really hard Xemnas and Xigbar see her as Ven ,Axel and Roxas see her as a girl Saix see her as a doll.. So i really think shes an" it" now and puls she was made by Sora's memroies of kairi so that really makes her an "it"
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    The most annyoing bosses to me is Larxene and Marluxia
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    Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

    that was a great !! good job!
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    Favorite 358/2 Days Score

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Music - Axel and Saïx YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Music - Cavern of Remembrance
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    MX good or bad?

    anything with has to do with the name "Xenanort" is evil to me but then again he has did nothing bad from what i read in the magazine scan but just have to wait and see.....
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    Does anyone else keep telling themselves "one more mission' xD?

    yeap it 1:00 in the moring i just keep playing until i fall asleep with the games still on and unpused every time i do this i'll just wake up to the game over screen
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    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    no but i will love too....
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    If They Were Playable...

    namine(playing with her will feel like playing okami i bet ) or ven
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    when roxas and sora fight...
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    358/2 days honest opinion

    dont listen to the negative.... it is a good game though......
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    Lack of Ven

    i hope not... i want to play with ven most more then the rest of them....
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    Who will you play as first

    ven or aqua really curious to see how she fights
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    Who thinks BBS will be best KH yet?

    7 words: cant wait for it too come out!!! :D
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    Days manga cover

    I love the cover cant wait for it too come for the u.s AXEL LOOKED HOT WITH THE ICE CREAM!!! i wish i was the ice cream!!
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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    i havent palyed it so but has not been released it so... i have to wait-______- BUT CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!!!!!
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    >:O Larxene....!!!!!!! i hate her sooo much